Wavemaker India launches white paper to demystify the world of Customer Data Platform

Wavemaker India launches white paper to demystify the world of Customer Data Platform

Releases a comprehensive CDP guide for marketers.


Mumbai: Wavemaker India, the most awarded agency of GroupM, today announced the release of a white paper titled ‘Demystify Customer Data Platform’ - A Guide for Marketers. The white paper emphasizes on the importance of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) as a robust tool that brings together data and provides a comprehensive understanding of customers.

The report explores the potential challenges that one may face when navigating the intricate marketing landscape. Additionally, it covers topics such as transforming CDP and audience data into actionable insights, as well as providing an overview of the cost structure, timelines, and roadmap associated with implementing a CDP. It also examines how Wavemaker supports brands in utilizing CDPs effectively. The white paper has been put together by an in-house team of experts at Wavemaker India.  

Commenting on the launch of this white paper, Wavemaker CEO – South Asia Ajay Gupte says, “We are experiencing the most dynamic shift in the world of media and marketing where the role of a chief marketing officer is evolving drastically. With the technological advances shifting the way people consume media, we need to stay a step ahead to guide our brands and clients on how to maximise efficiency on their marketing spends.

We believe this report will assist marketers and provide them with much required insights, and help them craft strategies to navigate through the complex data transformation journey and provide better customer experiences”.

Wavemaker India chief transformation and digital officer Vishal Jacob said, “Consumer data has been and continues to grow in importance in driving business outcomes.  Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) therefore have now become a very integral part of all key marketing conversations. The goal of this white paper is to demystify, the why, how and what of CDPs and provide marketers with valuable insights on how to effectively leverage them. By delving into the intricacies of CDPs, this resource aims to clarify the potential benefits and strategies associated with utilizing these platforms. We hope you find it useful and enjoy reading as much as we have had curating for you”.

Wavemaker has successfully built and implemented Customer Data Platforms for some of the leading consumer and financial brands in India like Colgate, Mondelez and Niva Bupa Health Insurance.