Dharma Cornerstone Agency’s music division onboards new talents

Dharma Cornerstone Agency’s music division onboards new talents

The agency has grown its music portfolio by 120 per cent in FY2023-24

Dharma Cornerstone Agency

Mumbai: In a power move in the music artist management landscape, the  Music Division of Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA) has recently expanded by adding 10 new artists to its already impressive roster of talents. With prominent names in the industry like Jubin Nautiyal amongst several talented artists onboarded, this development marks a pivotal milestone that will see  DCA stake its claim as the go-to artist management agency in the music creator market nationally.  

Born out of a collaboration between Dharma Productions and Cornerstone Agency, DCA’s Music  Division has become a powerhouse since its inception, managing a mixed bag of talents across  Bollywood and the indie music scene like Neeti Mohan, Amaal Mallik, Monali Thakur, Sagar  Bhatia, Nikhita Gandhi, Nakash Aziz, Laqshay Kapoor and Shreya Jain to name a few. Continuing to push the envelope in the music industry, DCA Music has now onboarded a multitude of artists,  including Jubin Nautiyal, Shakti Mohan, Palak Muchhal, Arjun Kanungo, Celina Sharma, Abhijit  Vaghani, Abhay Jodhpurkar, DJ Nemo, DJ Nesz and Shivvyy. The agency serves as the meeting ground for seasoned professionalism and experience alongside contemporary talent, growing its artist portfolio 3X since its inception.

An EY Survey revealed that only 56 per cent of music creators in India have access to the equipment and infrastructure needed to produce music. They need agencies that can support and help them showcase their talent to a wider audience. Bullish on the growing talent in the music space, DCA aims to capitalise on it and enable artists to reach desired audiences.  

The agency will foster a symbiotic relationship with its artists and realise its core mission of passionately executing their vision and dreams, opening up new avenues for their growth, and allowing them to channel their energies toward honing their craft. It will also work with them to build their brand through digital presence and personal PR. Furthermore, it will enable its artists with end-to-end seamless talent management services - from supporting indie artists to release tracks,  empowering them with a wider platform, facilitating brand collaborations and working very closely with some of the biggest labels in the country because of the association with Dharma Productions.  With a well-established leadership, strong backing from the Indian film industry and decades of experience in the entertainment space, DCA is poised to be a brand to reckon with, contributing significantly to the burgeoning Indian M&E industry.

Hamza Kazi, Head of the Music Division at Dharma Cornerstone Agency, said, “At DCA, we’ve always aimed to support established as well as new and upcoming talent to take them to the global stage and build aspirational careers. This World Music Day, I am pleased to share that DCA Music is expanding its artists roster. With this onboarding, we seek to shape and refine each artist’s career and unify the dreams and potential of each associated talent. I believe that it’s their dreams that impact the industry. By providing them with worthwhile possibilities in various fields, we intend to make a lasting impact on the overall music industry that is in sync with our artists.  

Jubin Nautiyal said, “I am very excited to join hands with Dharma Cornerstone Agency Music Division,  to represent my content and brand associations. I already have a great relationship with Dharma  Productions and now extending it to the agency will help me have that extra edge in the industry, add  more value to my brand as an artist, and create exceptional collaborations in terms of content and brand  tie-ups!”

Arjun Kanungo added, “I am honoured and humbled to partner with DCA, both as an artist and as the founder of One Mind. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for all our current and future artists. As a small yet proud label, we take pride in our unique approach and believe we stand out among indie labels. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to DCA for recognizing our potential and providing us with the opportunity to elevate our vision. Together, as indie mavericks and global giants, we are ready  to write an incredible new success story.”

Celina Sharma mentioned, “Being half-Indian, India has a special place in my heart. It’s an honour to be co-represented by DCA Music in India alongside my global management, +91 Group. Partnering with  DCA Music will allow me to establish my presence in India, reach new audiences, and bring fresh and exciting projects to my fans. I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!”

Having experienced 120 per cent growth in 2023, DCA Music sets its sights on a disruptive expansion this year, tapping into new revenue streams like BGM, synch deals, music-related brand solutions, and  IPs. Furthermore, the agency seeks to go beyond conventional talent management and nurture a thriving music community. With the lines between independent and mainstream Bollywood music now blurring, DCA Music’s recent signing of artists in both film and non-film, as well as branching off  into different styles of music, is a testament to the agency staying ahead of the curve. DCA Music has a lot of determination, drive and dedication to scale swiftly in order to become the premiere artist management agency in the country.