The Sleep Company’s latest #UpgradeToSmartBed campaign

The Sleep Company’s latest #UpgradeToSmartBed campaign

Jim Sarbh shows how the Smart Recliner Bed instantly transforms stress into comfort with one touch

The Sleep Company

Mumbai: Ever imagined a bedtime experience that transports you beyond the confines of your ordinary sleep, making you feel weightless with absolutely no gravity? The Sleep Company, India’s leading comfort-tech brand, makes this dream a reality with its Smart Recliner bed. In its newly launched digital campaign #UpgradeToSmartBed featuring Indian actor Jim Sarbh, the company shares the benefits of upgrading to a smart bed.    

Conceptualised by Steve Priya, the theme of the campaign is to create awareness about the innovative technology of the Smart Recliner Bed. The ad unfolds an intriguing conversation between Jim Sarbh and his on-screen partner alongside a guest couple at their home at the sight of a floating astronaut in a sci-fi movie. The guest couple marvels at the concept of Zero Gravity, Jim Sarbh and his on-screen partner exclaim that it feels out of the world as they experience it everyday in their smart recliner bed.

Their expressions speak volumes on how they get transcended into heaven physically and mentally every night with Smart Recliner Bed. Then they introduce the guest couple to The Sleep Company's Smart Recliner Bed and its unique features like Zero-gravity mode developed by NASA, massage mode and TV mode. To which the awestruck couple say ‘it is better than going to a theatre’, and nothing in very long has sounded more honest.

The Sleep Company co-founder Priyanka Salot, “When we first launched The Sleep Company in 2019, SmartGRID Technology revolutionized the Sleep Tech industry and we have not stopped ever since. With our head high, we feel rest assured about our Smart Recliner Beds and its ground-breaking innovation. It is out-of-the-ordinary in every way that allows people to use their beds for multiple purposes like to get a massage, recline or get theatre experience at home along with health benefits like prevention of acid reflux. We are here to disrupt the sleep and comfort tech industry and our Smart Recliner Bed is a testament to our commitment of creating most ingenious products and taking this industry to a whole new level.’’

Commenting on the campaign, The Sleep Company’s CMO Ripal Chopda stated, "The thought of this campaign stems from the fact that everyone deserves a relaxing bedtime routine after the hectic pace of everyday life. Our Smart Recliner Bed is a unique blend of innovation, comfort, and luxury and we want to encourage our audiences to upgrade to a smart bed. Through the Smart Recliner Bed, we want to provide our consumers with an unparalleled sleeping experience accompanied by a range of customized preset modes.”

The zero gravity mode of the bed, a NASA-approved sleeping position scientifically designed to put less pressure on the spine offers luxury and enhances comfort when sleeping. The bed helps people escape from the stresses of daily life with its massage mode. Besides, it is designed in a way that individuals can also indulge in entertainment through the TV mode.

The digital campaign has been launched on YouTube and Instagram handle of The Sleep Company.