Reliance Mutual Fund celebrates mothers as harbingers of the ‘Investing Habit’ in children

Reliance Mutual Fund celebrates mothers as harbingers of the ‘Investing Habit’ in children

The campaign has been createde by DviO Digital

Reliance Mutual Fund

MUMBAI: Breaking another cultural stereotype, Reliance Mutual Fund & DViO Digital celebrated mothers as harbingers of the ‘Investing Habit’ in children this Mother’s Day. While typically, fathers are seen to be the repository of financial wisdom, this pathbreaking campaign shows a single mother inculcating the investing habit in her son right from his first salary. While RMF has always been sensitive of and has always encouraged breaking the stereotypes in the world of personal finance and investing; this campaign is just another excellent example of the same.

DViO Digital conceptualised the entire campaign, pillared on the emerging trend of women being more and more aware and confident of taking charge of their financial destiny and also being at the forefront of inculcating the responsibility towards saving and investing in their children. The objective of this campaign is two-fold: primary one is recognising and celebrating the role being played by mothers in making children financially responsible and the secondary one is encouraging savings and investment amongst the current generations, so that they may not have to face financial hardships that their parents went through.

DViO Digital founder and CEO Sowmya Iyer commented on the campaign saying, "It’s always a fulfilling experience to work with a brand like Reliance Mutual Fund who are ready to use every occasion in interesting ways to drive home the importance of investments. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with a marketing team that really partners with it’s agency to create meaningful work. Encouraging investments across all age groups and all sections of society is what RMF has set out to do. These occasions are ways in which we want to facilitate education of investments across groups” 

Reliance Mutual Fund chief marketing officer Sandeep Walunj added, “Investing in Mutual Funds is fast gaining wide and deep patronage that it has always deserved but never quite received for quite some time. These days we often see parents suggesting SIPs to children as they start working and we thought of encouraging that trend. It’s always a seamless project experience to work with DViO Digital and their strategy-driven insight mining capabilities have resulted in another successful campaign for us. To work with an agency and creative minds that are steeped into to your brand strategy is an absolute professional pleasure.”