RCB & Himalaya unite for new campaign addressing off-field spots

RCB & Himalaya unite for new campaign addressing off-field spots

Ropes in content creator Danish Sait to add the playful twist on taking away dark spots


Mumbai: Following the resounding success of its association with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) during the inaugural edition of the Women’s T20 League that embraced beauty positivity, leading Wellness brand, Himalaya Wellness, is proud to announce its continued partnership with the team for the ongoing season. This year, with the #TakeMySPOT campaign, the focus shifts to celebrating their hard-earned spots and achievements on the field. Through this quirky campaign Himalaya, in collaboration with 82.5 Communications, acknowledges that while no one can take these well-deserved spots, for the unwanted spots on the face, Himalaya Dark Spot is Clearing Turmeric Face Wash and Face Care Range.

As an extension of the #TakeMySPOT campaign, Himalaya is also breaking new ground by teaming up with the GoEqual Premier League, to celebrate women’s rightful spot in the realm of football. This thrilling collaboration isn't just about scoring goals; it's about breaking away gender stereotypes to level the playing field. By investing in grassroots football programs and engaging with local communities, schools, and professional teams to promote football, Himalaya aims to provide the much-deserved SPOT for every woman who dreams of being a part of this sport.

The new campaign, for Himalaya’s latest offering, the Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash #TakeMySPOT, carries a very powerful message. Just like the RCB players who fight relentlessly to secure their positions on the cricket pitch, women across all walks of life have diligently carved their own spaces and earned their rightful place. While women strive hard to earn their spots, the Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash & Face Care Range effortlessly tackles unwanted spots on the face. The turmeric face care range harnesses the power of organically sourced turmeric that is extracted using the time-tested Ayurvedic method called Svarasa.

Unfolding in two phases, the campaign cleverly used the concept of "spot" with a playful twist. The teaser phase, launched during the first RCB match, saw players sporting #TakeMySPOT on their caps, leaving viewers curious while sparking social conversations. A video featuring RCB star cricketers Smriti Mandhana, Richa Ghosh, and Shreyanka Patil alongside content creator Danish Sait who added a layer of humour into the video with his witty take on the "spot" theme kept the audience guessing. This effectively amplified the campaign's message making the teaser hashtag #TakeMySpot trend no1 on Twitter during RCB’s first match. To build further excitement, the brand utilised a 360-degree strategy across radio, social media, outdoor advertising, and YouTube.

In the second phase of the campaign, the brand wittingly revealed that the spots reference was to the unwanted spots on the face that Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash & Face Care Range can effectively remove. This impactful reveal seamlessly tied the campaign's message to the brand. With this campaign, Himalaya celebrates the unwavering spirit of women who have fought hard to claim their rightful positions—on the field and in life. It reminds everyone that while no one can remove their hard-earned spots, Himalaya can help tackle those unwanted spots on their faces. The campaign sustained its clever utilisation of the "spot" concept through a series of videos featuring cheeky interactions between Danish and RCB's star cricketers. The brand’s association was revealed on 29th February, with a change in the RCB players’ cap messages. The mystery finally resolving itself created excitement amongst the RCB fans, causing it to trend on Twitter again on the no1 position.

For more than 90 years, Himalaya Wellness Company has been a leader in bringing Wellness to every Home and Happiness in every Heart.

Himalaya Wellness Company business director Rajesh Krishnamurthy expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "The success of our partnership with the Women's Premier League in 2023 inspired us to continue our association in this year's edition. Along with the cricketers, we're thrilled to bring the excitement of Danish Sait's collaboration to the #TakeMySPOT campaign, adding a layer of humour and intrigue as we tackle the topic of stubborn spots with our new Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash and Face Care Range.

“We're thrilled to see the incredible response to the #TakeMySPOT campaign teaser, which trended at Number 1 on Twitter on day 1 of RCB's match and the reveal trending at no1 on the 29 of February! We're confident that this year's partnership, much like last year, will not only generate excitement around the product but also continue to solidify our connection with the women’s T20 league audience,” said Ragini Hariharan, Marketing Director of Personal Care & Hygiene at Himalaya. “We're proud to introduce this face wash and face care range, formulated using a unique cold-pressed extraction technology called Svarasa that preserves the essential components of turmeric. This research-backed formula empowers our consumers to tackle dark spots and achieve healthy, radiant skin.”

Speaking on the occasion, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vice president and head Rajesh Menon said, “We are glad to extend our partnership with Himalaya as we get into the second season. Both the brands share the same core values of inclusivity and diversity and care for the causes that matter to impact the society positively.”

The new Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash is made by harnessing the power of organically sourced turmeric extracted using the advanced Ayurvedic Svarasa Technique, which preserves its natural goodness. The non-staining formula helps you get bright, healthy, and radiant skin.

Face Wash category manager Gayatri Kabilan added, “This innovation marks Himalaya's greater initiative towards tackling the growing problem of dark spots caused by sun exposure, acne scars, and previously overlooked concerns. While overcoming spots, we’ve also taken steps to care for the environment as the face wash comes in a fully recyclable and environmentally conscious tube.”

82.5 Communications CCO Mayur Varma expressed his excitement, stating, “We're thrilled to unveil this campaign featuring the talented trio—Smriti Mandhana, Shreyanka Patil, Richa Ghosh—alongside the popular comic, Danish Sait. We are hopeful that the campaign's fun-filled vibe will resonate with RCB fans and Himalaya users alike.”

82.5 Communications – South, executive vice president & branch head Naveen Raman added, “This collaboration is a game-changer. Bringing together RCB’s passionate fan base and Himalaya’s commitment to skincare, we’re proud to be a part of this winning partnership.”