Parle mandates Taproot Dentsu to change communication for Milano

Parle mandates Taproot Dentsu to change communication for Milano


MUMBAI: Parle is ensuring that the growing frenzy behind wellness items does not dim the interest of people in its classic biscuit Milano. It appointed Taproot Dentsu to pick up pace for the brand and enable it to reclaim lost ground.

The brief was to shed the earlier idea of sinful, indulgent consumption that was labelled to this group of cookies. Taproot Dentsu had to make it relevant but light hearted as well.

Speaking about the campaign, Parle Products category head Mayank Shah said, “Since the launch of the Platina range last May, we have observed a renewed interest among consumers towards Parle’s premium offerings. We have always been innovators across categories and while we were happy that our premium brands were being well received, we also felt the need to bring something refreshingly new to the consumers. Extensive research and understanding of our target audience’s evolving tastes led us to add new variants to the Milano range, which consequently resulted in India’s first cookie with Hazelnut filling by an FMCG brand.”

Taproot Dentsu Mumbai GM Ayesha Ghosh said, "In times where balance and perfection are being chased and when indulgence is frowned upon, our task was to carve out a special guilt-free place in the minds of consumers for a rich, delicious cookie like Milano. The idea that followed was to approach it from an individual’s perspective, bringing out the importance of irreverent self-pampering. The fact that Twinkle Khanna personally identified with the messaging, further spurred off the idea for us to also add the element of ‘There’s a me in every Milano’ in the TVCs. Overall, the ads have been shot in a manner to remind us that every now and then, it’s okay to listen to your heart, give in to a craving and bite into that tempting cookie!"

Taproot Dentsu Mumbai, executive creative director Pallavi Chakravarti said, “Twinkle is the perfect spokesperson for Milano. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s her own person, which is evident from the career and life choices she has made. Milano, while maintaining the `category codes’ of a premium cookie is evolving the same codes with a playful dig at rigid dietary fads that can suck the joy out of life. With this film, we want to tell people that it’s absolutely fine to give in to the indulgence of a delicious Milano every now and then.”