Orange Health Labs appoints Ayushmann Khurrana as brand ambassador

Orange Health Labs appoints Ayushmann Khurrana as brand ambassador

The company’s new campaign highlights how they achieve fast & accurate reports


Mumbai: Orange Health Labs, one of India’s fastest growing diagnostics labs, recently announced the appointment of renowned actor Ayushmann Khurrana as their brand ambassador. Orange Health enables consumers to get tested at home immediately, and get reports in six hours, operating across the top metros of India. This collaboration aims to promote Orange Health Labs' vision of fast & accessible at-home diagnostics that enables consumers and their doctors to get faster treatment.

With this, Orange Health Labs aims to leverage Ayushmann Khurrana's popularity and influence to drive engagement and awareness. Founders, Dhruv Gupta & Tarun Bhambra shared comments “The appointment of Ayushman Khurrana as brand ambassador marks an exciting phase in the company's growth trajectory. Besides being a nationally recognised face and brand, Ayushmann Khurrana through his roles has stood for helping people make modern, logical choices, just like Orange Health Labs. Fundamentally, we believe that when consumers need to get tested, they shouldn’t have to go anywhere. Sit in the comfort of your home, order on the app, and seamlessly get tested at home in 60 minutes, and then get reports in six hours. With our on-time operations, we take away the pain of diagnostic testing. Our labs are NABL accredited, so consumers get the highest quality with the highest convenience”.

Providing diagnostic reports fast is a key focus for Orange Health Labs, and the campaign goes on to highlight how faster diagnostics is not just more convenient, but also means more accurate reports.

The campaign uses a light hearted creative device using Ayushmann as their suave eMedic (phlebotomist) to talk about no batching and no collection centres. The two films have garnered positive response from consumers and industry experts, demonstrating the company's ability to captivate audiences with engaging and informative content. In this new campaign “#FresherBloodAccurateReports” they communicate about challenging the status quo and doing away with Collection Centres and Batch Testing that has been an industry norm so far which leads to samples waiting for longer before actually getting tested.

Driven by the focus to deliver accurate reports in the fastest possible time, Orange Health Labs deploys AI-enabled reverse logistics, no batching and no collection centres, to deliver high quality reports to their customers.

Founders, Dhruv & Tarun said, “Timely collection and testing of fresh blood samples are essential for preserving the integrity of biomarkers and assuring authentic diagnostic outcomes. Orange Health Lab is raising awareness about the significance of timely blood sample collection and how tech-driven laboratory protocols for managing and processing fresh samples are critical to improving test results; accuracy and reliability in healthcare environments.

With the unwavering focus on superfast, convenient and reliable diagnostics through product innovation, stringent SOPs, four sigma quality delivery and customer-centric solutions, they are excited to take Orange Health Labs across India”.

Orange Health Labs

Orange Health Labs is backed by Y combinator, Accel, General catalyst, BII and other leading investors, the company that started out of Bengaluru in 2020, has become a leading diagnostic player in the top cities of India by empowering individuals with a new norm when it comes to diagnostics, one order at a time.