ITC Sunrise Spices exhibits ‘Swaad Bihar ka’ through poetic renditions

ITC Sunrise Spices exhibits ‘Swaad Bihar ka’ through poetic renditions

Collaborates with 14 spoken-word artists from Bihar.

Swaad Bihar ka

Mumbai: In continuation of ‘Swaad Bihar ka’ campaign, ITC Ltd.'s Sunrise Spices announced collaboration with 14 spoken-word artists from Bihar. As part of the initiative, ITC Sunrise Spices will celebrate the region's vibrant literary legacy with a series of 14 captivating videos that delve into the treasure trove of Bihari literature.

Artists like Swastika Rajput and Anshuman Singh express their deep emotional ties through spoken-word poetry, while Priyesh Sinha brings humour to debunk stereotypes on regionalism. Sahil Kumar, through his commendable poetry, attributes his artistic journey to the cultural roots of Bihar. Together, these videos exemplify how the 'Swaad Bihar Ka' campaign has provided a platform for the artists to share their personal connections, reminiscing fond memories and experiences from their hometowns.

Speaking about this initiative, Sunrise Spices business head Piyush Mishra said, "Bihar is known for its rich culture and heritage, and as a brand, we are identifying ways to create deeper connect with the region. 'Swaad Bihar Ka', is a tribute to the essence of Bihar, a journey that resonates with each Bihari's soul. Our latest collaboration with talented spoken-word artists celebrates Bihar's rich heritage and provides a platform to local artists to show their skills and share their heartfelt connections with the land they call home."