Is TV Still The Most Effective Ad Medium?

"TV not only remains the most effective medium - almost twice as much as the rest, making advertisers earn more money than any other medium - but it is also the most efficient in terms of retention rate."

Television generates a higher ROI than the rest of the media in three of the four categories ($ 1.70 return for every dollar invested in the consumer sector, $ 8.90 in the automotive sector and $ 5.3 in the finance sector) and it is also the medium with better long-term behavior (effect of advertising on consumer buying behavior).

I believe these facts are quite heavy to support the article's statement.

There is much talk about the power and scope of the new digital platforms and the different consumption habits that they generate; nevertheless, it is not easy to forget the importance that traditional media still possesses.

TV, though, is counted amongst the conventional media type, the world hasn't let down its significance and scope it has for reaching the global audience.

At least in the United States, the reach of the radio is still significantly higher than the rest, even 5 points above the television, says the Nielsen Audio Report for 2019.

On the one hand, where the radio earns status as a powerful medium, the other hand also tries to balance the equation where television remains unbeaten in terms of its average weekly usage. According to Nielsen, Americans have spent during this first quarter, on average, 36 hours a week watching television, which is more time than they spend with the rest of all other platforms together.

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Currently, one of the most serious challenges of the media industry in the digitized world is to ensure the security of brand communication. It is worth emphasizing that television, due to its specificity, has never met and will not be accused of a lack of control over the context in which the brand is shown.

Television, today, can be characterized by:

  • 100% transparency
  • the highest viewer confidence index,
  • control (legal regulations), and
  • measurability

If it is believed that television is one of the most powerful assets for advertising, then this statement is made true by some of the facts mentioned below, take a look:

  • The TV is the medium that brings more visibility and the most profitable
  • TV helps reduce costs per acquisition.
  • It offers one of the best ROI.
  • Ability to reach a mass audience.
  • Television is the catalyst for other media
  • A TV is a medium on which the relevance of a brand is based.
  • Television is the medium where emotional campaigns are most effective.

Now let's see what makes the television the most important advertising medium besides the security of the message.

Let's take a paper tour:


According to the data, television reaches about 70% of the country's population per day, 90% during the week, and almost every month. The unique combination of coverage with a huge amount of time spent watching TV makes it one of the most reach advertising media.


Over the past decade, television has proved to be extremely resistant to enormous interference. Despite the constant development of new SVOD services such as Netflix and the emergence of online video platforms such as YouTube, television consumption remains unwavering worldwide, even in such developed markets as the UK or US.


Television is the most popular video format of all available forms. According to world data, on average, TV accounts for 90% of the time spent watching the video by the average viewer. For Poland, it is almost 89%.

# Impact Force

Communication on TV as a medium most evokes emotions such as laughter or tears among consumers. It also strongly influences viewers' purchasing decisions.


Research around the world indicates the positive effects that TV has on other media. Online brands show particular interest in TV advertising.

There are also brand icons, which help to have a simple link, with the creative content presented, all ads have a legacy that revolves around this brand icon, to be recognized by everyone.

Through studies, it has been identified that viewers show higher rates of commitment, with an advertisement, during their first ten seconds, and in these, they must build an emotional connection with the public.

There are two ways to buy television advertising:

#The Discount Purchase

In this case, the television network sets a fixed rate for a specific program or schedule for a specific day, and the advertiser negotiates a discount to broadcast the advertisement.


  • The flexibility of purchase, regarding programs and days of issuance.
  • If the audience of the program goes above the average, the same is paid.


  • You run the risk of lowering the hearing and continuing to pay the same.
  • It has less negotiation capacity.

#Purchase at GRP cost

A cost is negotiated with the chain for each GRP ( Gross Rating Point), which is obtained for a target offered. This negotiation includes qualitative and quantitative variables.


  • Only what is issued is paid, so if the audience goes down, the budget is not affected.
  • Relative security when reaching coverage rates.


  • Less flexibility of purchase, in terms of programming, due to the conditions of purchase of the chains.

In the increasingly connected society in which we live, advertising is everywhere. It is virtually impossible to escape it despite the progress of phenomena such as Ad Blocking.

It is present in all devices and media. It is omnipresent. But, despite everything, television continues to be positioned as the best platform when it comes to reaching large crowds. It comes as no surprise if we consider the advertising investment figures.

The Final Say

As we initiated with facts, we'll end the tradition in the same way:

  • In Australia, an average television campaign achieves sales revenue of $ 1.70 for every $ 1 invested.
  • In Belgium, television generates almost three times the brand memory that on YouTube (42% vs. 15%),
  • While in France, the traffic of an advertiser's website during a television campaign increases by 44%.

Thus, it is proved that the greatest weapon of television is its effectiveness, which ultimately derives the results as intended.

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