Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India unveil new campaign ‘Scooter Bole Toh Activa’

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India unveil new campaign ‘Scooter Bole Toh Activa’

The campaign titled ‘Scooter Bole Toh Activa’ has been put together by Hakuhodo Wyng.

Honda Motorcycle

Mumbai:Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has launched a new campaign "Scooter Bole Toh Activa" for its legendary scooter. The new campaign consists of a captivating song with sing-along lyrics. It shows how Activa has become a household name over the last two decades.

Conceptualised by Hakuhodo Wyng (a unit of Hakuhodo International India), the campaign highlights the nation’s cultural diversity and richness with many languages, regions, and ethnicities of India and the role of Activa in people’s lives—especially the youth. It emphasises how we vary in other aspects of life, but when it comes to defining a scooter, Activa runs synonymously with everyone.

The main film of the campaign has lyrics with words from many regional languages, making it truly diverse, just like this country. "Conceptualising this campaign was a unique experience—the creative idea was hidden in the brief itself, but to dig it up and to shape it into a full-fledged campaign was a challenge our team took up successfully," said Hakuhodo Wyng managing partner & creative head Shobhit Mathur.

He further added, "HMSI wanted to show how Activa has been such an integral part of Indian lives that it has become synonymous with the word, ‘Scooter’. So we gave the campaign a very Indian feel – a diverse lifestyle yet similar values, and a common love for Activa!"

The campaign has been shot all over the country to show how diverse the customer base for Activa is. Talking about the same, Hakuhodo Wyng senior business partner Saptarshi Sengupta said, "We have covered a very vast spectrum in terms of diversity to do justice to the love Indians have shown for Activa over the years. We have included people from multiple regions and age groups – especially the youth with their many life moments."