Hitchki X Naagin Sauce unveil their ‘Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge’

Hitchki X Naagin Sauce unveil their ‘Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge’

Hitchki and Naagin Sauce serve up a spicy showdown from 15 to 30 July!

Uff Uff Mirchi

Mumbai – Hitchki is thrilled to announce its exciting collaboration with Naagin Sauce. From 15 July to 30 July, all Hitchki outlets in India will host the ‘Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge.’ This unique partnership aims to take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure with a specially curated menu that celebrates the love for fiery and flavorful chicken wings.

The 'Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge' invites all spice enthusiasts to join and test their courage against the spiciest chicken wings. The challenge will showcase a variety of hot wings, each more tempting than the last, all prepared with Naagin's special sauces. Participants who successfully finish the chicken wings challenge within the time limit will triumph and secure a place on the leaderboard, along with exciting rewards from Hitchki and Naagin Sauce. At the end of the 15-day contest, the participant with the fastest completion time will be crowned the ultimate winner and receive an exciting prize.

Expressing his excitement on the collaboration, Hitchki head chef Ajay Thakur said, “We are thrilled to partner with Naagin Sauce for the 'Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge.' This collaboration will allow us to showcase the vibrant and bold flavors of Indian chillies through our specially curated chicken wings menu. Our mirchi wings promise an exhilarating flavor journey, combining intense spices with creative culinary techniques to deliver a dining experience that our guests won’t forget. We invite everyone to indulge in this fiery fiesta and discover the unique burst of flavors that Hitchki has to offer."

The special menu features five uniquely crafted chicken wings dishes, each highlighting a different aspect of Indian spice. The ‘Naagin Meri Priyatama’ offers chicken wings marinated in Karnataka’s Byadgi chilli and a 65 Masala spice blend, lightly batter-fried and pitched in Naagin’s The 65 Hot Sauce, with a mild heat level of 3/10. Also, a fun fact, the oil extracted from Byadgi chillies are used in the preparation of nail polish and lipstick! Next, the ‘Thumkeshwari’ brings an aromatic spice blend with Sankeshwari chillies, featuring Kentucky-style breaded chicken wings pitched in Naagin’s Original Sauce, with a moderate heat level of 4/10. Try this dish if you can as Sankeshwari chilli are also known as Kolhapuri Lavangi Mirchi!

For those who crave a bit more heat, the ‘Kanta Laga’ presents black peppered chicken wings tossed in Naagin’s blend of Kantha Bomb Sauce, offering a spiciness level of 6/10. Dare to try ‘Bhoot Bhulaiyaa’ with Bhut Jolokia in Smoky Bhoot Sauce with a heat level of 8/10, certified as the world's hottest pepper. Finally, for the ultimate spice lovers, ‘Mai Nagin … Nagin’ dares you to indulge in ghostly-crazy-fiery-spicy chicken wings made with a limited-edition hot sauce created exclusively for Hitchki in collaboration with Naagin. This dish boasts a scorching heat level of 10/10, as the Hitchki X Naagin Sauce is mercilessly hotter than Bhut Jolokia chili, which is known to be 170 times spicier than Tabasco Sauce.

Commenting on the association, Naagin co-founder Arjun Rastogi said, “We are incredibly excited to partner with Hitchki to celebrate Chicken Wings! Our sauces are crafted with a deep respect for Indian chillies and flavors, and this collaboration allows us to showcase their versatility and intensity in a fun and engaging way. The ‘Uff Uff Mirchi Wings Challenge’ is set to be an unforgettable experience for all spice lovers.”