Gupshup launches debut brand film as part of #EveryConversationMatters campaign

Gupshup launches debut brand film as part of #EveryConversationMatters campaign

The film was produced in collaboration with Meta and SisterWolf Studios.


Mumbai: Gupshup, the leading Conversation Cloud platform, today launched its first brand film, Do More with Conversations as part of its #EveryConversationMatters Campaign. Celebrating the profound impact of conversations in all aspects of life, the film reaffirms Gupshup's mission to revolutionize how brands engage with their customers. The film was conceptualized by Gupshup and produced in collaboration with Meta and SisterWolf Studios.

The campaign features a compelling brand film and a multi-city customer event series titled “Gupshup Conversations,” spanning Jakarta, Dubai, New Delhi, Brazil, and Mexico. The film, set against diverse global landscapes, features individuals from various walks of life interacting, showcasing the universal language of conversations. The film will be available for viewing on Gupshup’s YouTube channel, with its reach extended through social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X.

With a stirring orchestral soundtrack, the film captures heartfelt conversations between friends, families, and colleagues, and pans to inspirational speeches that move humankind forward. The visuals gradually transition into featuring more business-to-consumer interactions. A powerful voice-over emphasizes the pivotal role of conversations in sparking innovation and driving business growth. The film creatively juxtaposes in-person interactions with brands engaging customers via chatbots, demonstrating how Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud facilitates human-like interactions across the customer lifecycle.

“We are excited to share our campaign and the film with the world, highlighting the essence of conversations. As portrayed in the brand film, conversations build trust, break barriers, spark ideas, and drive innovation. And every conversation matters! This central theme resonates with our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing customer experiences through meaningful conversations. With Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud, we empower brands to craft rich, personalized interactions that not only enhance customer experience but also deliver substantial ROI at reduced costs.” said Gupshup senior director of marketing Vartika Verma.

Earlier this year, Gusphup made a branding splash with its Conversation Cloud launch featured on the NASDAQ tower. This was followed by a revamped website design and a new brand messaging that reinforced the importance of two-way communication for brands.

Gupshup’s Conversation Cloud is a suite of AI-powered SaaS tools that empower businesses to create powerful chatbots that boost customer acquisition and engagement and offer intelligent support. With three key modules—Converse, Advertise, and Communicate—it revolutionizes business-to-customer engagement, driving substantial ROI improvements across channels like WhatsApp, RCS, and Instagram to name a few.