Garhwal United Football Club launches fundraiser on Ketto

Garhwal United Football Club launches fundraiser on Ketto

This is to compete in Indian Women's League 2 & Football Delhi Women's Premier League.

Garhwal United Football Club

Mumbai: Garhwal United Football Club (GUFC) has long been a beacon of women's football in the region, fostering talent and promoting the sport among young women, many of whom come from humble backgrounds. Participation in the Indian Women's League 2 (IWL 2) and Football Delhi Women's Premier League (FDWPL) presents a significant opportunity for the team to showcase their skills on a national platform, gain invaluable experience, and inspire future generations of female footballers. To support this endeavor, Garhwal United has launched a fundraising campaign on Ketto, a prominent crowdfunding platform.

This initiative aims to raise essential funds to support the team’s participation in the upcoming IWL 2 & FDWPL. The fundraiser, titled "Empower Goals: Support Garhwal United's Journey to Indian Women's League 2 & FDWPL," is now live on Ketto and can be accessed here.

Competing in the IWL 2 & FDWPL requires substantial financial resources. The funds raised through this campaign will be used for:

1    Travel and accommodation: Ensuring the team can travel and stay at venues across the country.

2    Training and equipment: Providing the best training facilities and equipment to enhance performance.

3    Medical support: Ensuring players have access to necessary medical care and fitness programs.

4    Logistics and operational costs: Covering expenses related to participation in the league, including registration fees, kit, and other operational needs.

By contributing to this fundraising campaign, supporters will play a crucial role in empowering these talented athletes to achieve their dreams. Every donation, no matter how small, brings Garhwal United Football Club one step closer to competing and winning in IWL 2 & FDWPL, helping them to rise to greater heights in Indian women's football.

"We are thrilled to partner with Garhwal United Football Club in their journey to the Indian Women's League 2 & FDWPL," said Ketto co-founder Varun Sheth. "At Ketto, our mission is to empower dreams and support impactful causes. We believe that by coming together, we can help these talented athletes reach new heights and inspire future generations."

Many players on the Garhwal United team come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, making their journey in competitive football even more remarkable. The opportunity to compete at a national level not only enhances their skills and confidence but also offers them a platform to break barriers and pursue their aspirations in sports. Contributions to this fundraiser will directly support these young women, providing them with the resources they need to excel.

To make a contribution, visit the fundraiser page on Ketto: Empower Goals: Support Garhwal United's Journey to Indian Women's League 2 & FDWPL. Donating is simple, secure, and directly contributes to the team's efforts.

Together, let's empower Garhwal United to achieve their goals and inspire countless young women to dream big in the world of football.