Flipkart and The New Thing launch Thumbs Appa campaign

Flipkart and The New Thing launch Thumbs Appa campaign

Flipkart and The New Thing turn thumbs-up emojis from dads into a currency this Father’s Day.


Mumbai: Based on the comedic reality that dad’s never fail to reply to every text with a thumbs-up emoji TNT’s latest campaign for Flipkart aims to turn the most underwhelming response from appa into the most sought-after one this Father’s Day.

With a CTA of ‘Impress your Appa with his own Thumbs Appa!’, the campaign broke with a hilarious film featuring a dad who owns up to every thumbs up they’ve ever sent. Stating that he knew all along that Flipkart would launch a campaign where you could exchange all these thumbs ups for big tickets for father's day gifts. “Appa ke thenga unko gift denga”.


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To participate, simply screenshot every thumbs-up emoji you’ve ever received from your father and either DM it to Flipkart on Instagram or reply to the pinned post on their X. Entrants who share the most screenshots stand a chance to win big ticket prizes like a smartphone, smart TV and a luxury watch.

On the inception of Thumbs Appa, Flipkart senior director, marketing & media Pratik Shetty said “At Flipkart, we believe that every occasion is an important opportunity to connect and celebrate with our customers. This Father's Day, we took something as simple as a thumbs up emoji - which is a father's unique way of expressing love & support and turned it into a fun and engaging contest, the

Flipkart Thumbs Appa! We’re thrilled to see how many thumbs-up our customers sent us and made this Father’s Day extra special for all the Appas everywhere by winning exciting gifts.”

The New Thing co-founder Viren Noronha added “After extensive research i.e. going through our own chats with our dads, the insight put the pain in painfully obvious. 7 out of 10 dads’ default reply to your every text will always be the thumbs up emoji. ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ thumbs up emoji. ‘I got a promotion’ thumbs up emoji. ‘I made an ad about you!’ thumbs up emoji. We just asked a simple question- how do you turn the most underwhelming response into something amazing, for dad’s themselves. Voila. Thumbs Appa!”