CoinDCX launches #KnowBitcoin campaign

CoinDCX launches #KnowBitcoin campaign

A multifaceted strategy to promote Bitcoin awareness.


Mumbai: CoinDCX, India’s leading and most valued crypto exchange is proud to introduce its latest initiative, the ‘Know Bitcoin’ educational campaign. This campaign, meticulously crafted to span various print and online channels, aims to redefine perceptions surrounding Bitcoin and highlight its emergence as a formidable asset class.

CoinDCX's 'Know Bitcoin' campaign fosters a broader understanding and adoption of Bitcoin as a viable investment asset. The campaign integrates a diverse mix of media and non-media platforms, including print, digital, social media, community engagement, on-ground activations, and other digital assets. Leveraging partnerships with prominent influencers amplifies its impact, all centered around the key message of '#KnowBitcoin.' This public interest initiative will run for two months and has been created by the brand's in-house creative team.

India, currently leading in crypto adoption, serves as the backdrop for this campaign, echoing the sentiment that skepticism often transforms into acceptance with knowledge and experience. Targeting Indian adults aged 25-45, the campaign’s inaugural theme focuses on Bitcoin's evolution into a prominent asset class, characterized by exponential growth.

CoinDCX's objective with ‘Know Bitcoin’ is to empower individuals with comprehensive knowledge about Bitcoin, encouraging them to embrace the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving investment landscape. This campaign gains heightened significance as Bitcoin surpasses its all-time high after two years, maintaining its position above $70,000. Furthermore, recent developments such as the launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs by prominent financial institutions, underscore Bitcoin's growing legitimacy and appeal as an investment vehicle.

*A Bitcoin ETF is a financial product that tracks the price of Bitcoin and allows investors to gain exposure without owning the crypto directly.

"Education has been a cornerstone of our strategy. Over the past five years, CoinDCX has launched numerous educational initiatives, such as DCX Learn, Namaste Web3, and Community City Chapters, ensuring both in-person and online outreach across every corner of India. 'Know Bitcoin' aligns with CoinDCX’s commitment to educating the masses about Web3 and its potential for Young India. Through our educational initiatives, we have already reached millions, and 'Know Bitcoin' will enable us to scale our impact further," said CoinDCX COO Mridul Gupta.