Happy Finish created India's first automotive virtual drive for Tata Motors

Happy Finish created India's first automotive virtual drive for Tata Motors

MUMBAI: Happy Finish, a global creative production studio and agency offering immersive content experiences for leading brands, advertising agencies and photographers, has successfully delivered the last phase of cross platform media assets to support an ambitious campaign for Indian automotive brand, Tata Motors.

In 2015, Tata Motors signed up Lionel Messi as its global brand ambassador and rolled out the successful #madeofgreat campaign across India. Happy Finish India brought #fantastico campaign to life for Tata Motors, by creating India’s first virtual drive experience for the Tiago car launch, including an array of cross platform media campaign assets.

In supporting this bold campaign, the assets created by Happy Finish would reach an audience of millions through Tata Motors’ mass distribution of 2.3 million branded Google Cardboards, digital campaign and print ads in The Times of India, across the highly potential automotive markets of Mumbai, Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

Tata Motors marketing communications and services head Delna Avari commented, “The challenge was how do we bring alive the test drive experience of a car which is yet to be launched. We felt that creating a VR experience would be the best idea and were delighted to partner with Happy Finish to introduce India’s first live action virtual drive experience. The reach has been phenomenal with great ROI and has been appreciated as one of the most innovative idea from Tata Motors for consumer experience.”

Happy Finish APAC CEO Ashish Limaye commented, “We had a keen focus on the distribution channel for all of the cross platform media assets, and created a VR solution which enabled Tata Motors to leverage the power of mobile, producing engaging content via an easy to use app, available on both Android and iOS.