“We aim to deliver tangible value that transcends mere bill payments”: GoPromoto’s Anshul Gupta

“We aim to deliver tangible value that transcends mere bill payments”: GoPromoto’s Anshul Gupta

We firmly believe that satisfied customers are the most effective advocates for our brand.

Anshul Gupta

Mumbai: Behind the scenes of GoPromoto's rise in the marketing realm is an entrepreneurial journey marked by resilience and vision. Founded by Anshul Gupta, the company thrives on a ‘Brand-First, Solution-Finding’ ethos, crafting a 360-degree marketing experience.

Founded in 2018, GoPromoto has become a major player in the marketing and branding landscape, helping brands like Harley Davidson, Lenskart, and IndiGo connect with audiences through

innovative and data-driven campaigns.

Anshul Gupta's journey, marked by personal challenges, has propelled GoPromoto beyond mere market share. From navigating personal obstacles to securing prestigious projects like London Fashion Week 2023, the story is a testament to both creativity and success in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Indian Television caught up with GoPromoto founder and CEO Anshul Gupta to talk about GoPromoto’s establishment, his entrepreneurial journey, and more.

Edited Excerpts:

On the inspiration behind establishing GoPromoto and its vision differing from traditional marketing agencies

The inspiration behind establishing GoPromoto stemmed from recognising the challenges within the traditional marketing agency model in India. We observed that there were numerous hurdles, such as intermediaries and complex processes, which made it difficult for new brands to access marketing services conveniently and affordably. This gap prompted us to envision a different approach. We aimed to create a space characterized by transparency, innovation, and efficiency, where we could bridge the divide between businesses and their target audience more effectively. Our vision revolves around implementing fresh, unconventional strategies that resonate with a broader audience, ultimately driving conversions and nurturing a thriving marketing ecosystem.

On your entrepreneurial journey shaping GoPromoto's culture and work ethic, and key achievements that stand out in overcoming such obstacles

My entrepreneurial journey has been filled with personal and business challenges, which have profoundly influenced the culture and work ethic at GoPromoto.

Starting from scratch without external assistance taught me invaluable lessons and shaped my character. I learned the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the willingness to learn from setbacks.

Each obstacle became an opportunity for growth. I developed essential skills like time management, crisis management, and financial acumen. Embracing challenges early on allowed me to anticipate and navigate future hurdles more effectively.

At GoPromoto, we've embedded these values into our work culture. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and intelligence, alongside hard work. We strive to impart these lessons to our team members, encouraging them to continually improve and evolve.

Key achievements have arisen from our ability to overcome these obstacles. By embracing a culture of continuous learning and resilience, we've been able to navigate complexities and achieve milestones that have propelled our company forward.

On on GoPromoto's "Brand-First, Solution-Finding" philosophy and how it shapes your innovative approach to marketing

At GoPromoto, our philosophy is rooted in "Brand-First, Solution-Finding." This means that we prioritise our clients' brands above all else, viewing them as sacred entities deserving of the utmost respect and authenticity.

We begin by thoroughly understanding the fundamental needs and objectives of each brand, as well as their long-term goals. This allows us to tailor solutions that offer comprehensive growth within the allocated budget, whether in monetary terms or through barter arrangements.

In influencer marketing, where issues like inflated numbers and fake reports abound, we remain steadfast in our commitment to integrity. Instead of chasing superficial metrics, we focus on aligning with influencers whose genuine engagement and relevance benefit the brand. Our approach is not merely transactional; we aim to deliver tangible value that transcends mere bill payments.

By integrating both digital and offline strategies, we develop innovative solutions that are results-oriented and drive meaningful outcomes for our clients. This holistic approach ensures that our clients' brands receive authentic, impactful representation across all channels.

On GoPromoto achieving success without conventional promotion, in a landscape saturated with competition

In a landscape saturated with competition, GoPromoto has achieved success without conventional promotion by adhering to a simple yet powerful principle: let our work speak for itself. We firmly believe that satisfied customers are the most effective advocates for our brand. By consistently exceeding expectations and maintaining honesty in all our dealings, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients.

While the marketing industry may be crowded, we recognise the scarcity of truly exceptional and authentic work. This is where we stand out. GoPromoto has built its reputation on delivering consistently high-quality results to our clients, even in the face of challenges. We always have a contingency plan in place, ensuring that we can navigate any setbacks with ease.

Remarkably, we have achieved this success without employing traditional sales tactics. Instead, the majority of our business comes through referrals and organic growth. This speaks volumes about the strength of the relationships we have cultivated with our clients over time. They have become our strongest advocates and brand custodians.

On GoPromoto integrating technology and digital trends into its marketing strategies to stay relevant and innovative

At GoPromoto, we prioritise the integration of technology and digital trends into our marketing strategies to remain relevant and innovative in a rapidly evolving landscape. Drawing from our technological background, we leverage inbuilt tools and advanced data analysis techniques to inform our approach.

Our process begins with a deep dive into data, both from internal sources and provided by our clients. By conducting thorough audits and analysis, we gain insights into what works best for each brand. We then blend this data with current best practices and emerging trends to craft tailored, innovative solutions that meet our clients' objectives effectively.

This approach ensures that our strategies are not only informed by data but also incorporate the latest technological advancements and digital trends, keeping our clients ahead of the curve in their marketing efforts.

On the strategies that GoPromoto employs to secure international projects

Our strategy is straightforward: we take our work seriously and strive to deliver our best. We've received numerous inquiries from outside India via platforms like LinkedIn and our website, which has allowed us to gradually expand into the international market.

Our initial forays were into markets like Nepal and Singapore, and recently, we had the opportunity to work on the London Fashion Week, specifically for the fashion show of Pepe Jeans.

The most effective way to secure international projects is to consistently deliver value and meet deadlines. Ultimately, the quality of our work speaks for itself and word-of-mouth referrals play a significant role in our expansion.

On your future expansion plans including team growth and strategic initiatives for global market penetration

We currently have a team of 20 members, and we are continuously hiring to support our rapid expansion plans. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the marketing industry with their innovative ideas that resonate with the masses. By mid-year, we aim to establish offices in Mumbai and Bangalore to further strengthen our presence.

Additionally, we are actively pursuing mandates this year and beyond, which will require us to recruit candidates for higher management roles. In terms of strategic initiatives, we are considering partnerships with global companies to facilitate effective market penetration, leveraging cross-functional abilities and skills. We're excited to see what the future holds for us.