“The content creator commerce and community flywheel works for us”: Good Glamm Group’s Priyanka Gill

“The content creator commerce and community flywheel works for us”: Good Glamm Group’s Priyanka Gill

She spoke to Indiantelevision.com on the sidelines of the Goafest 2023.


Mumbai: Goafest 2023 proved to be a great platform which united brands, marketers, agencies, media and brought all of them under the same roof.

On the sidelines of one of the biggest industry gatherings of the country, Indiantelevision.com caught up for a quick chat with Good Glamm Group group co-founder and Good Media Co CEO Priyanka Gill.

Good Media Co led by Gill is one of India’s largest digital media companies comprising  POPxo, ScoopWhoop, BabyChakra,  MissMalini Entertainment and Tweak India. Each digital media platform has a unique user demographic. The five platforms continue to function independently with the back-end teams being centralized.  They collaborate across lateral functions like data and growth to provide a richer experience for users on all platforms.

When combined together, this gives Good Glamm Group access to diverse audiences across tier I, tier II and tier III cities. With over 200 million users across digital media platforms, the Good Media Co generates over 4.5  billion impressions. The Good Media Co platforms create engaging content and also amplify  beauty and personal care brands within the Good Brands Co to their user bases. The Good Media Co also further magnifies the influencer reach and activations of Good Creator Co.

Edited excerpts:

On the journey of the Good Glamm Group

The Good Glamm Group started when Popxo merged with MyGlamm. And then, of course, we acquired Baby Chakra and that was the beginning of the Good Glamm Group. Since then, we raised capital, and then we acquired around 10 or 11 other companies across beauty, personal care and digital media.

On beauty, makeup, and content creation - all of this, coming together

We use the power of content and our content platforms - PopXo, Scoopwhoop, MissMalini and Tweak to be at the top of the funnel. Through that, we basically get access to hundreds and millions of users, and we get them through the power of content. So, it's not by actually paying money to acquire users; we acquire them through content. So basically, then use that to kind of funnel through and convert them into transacting users for our products and brands. And similarly, we use the power of creators to amplify the benefits of the products to make sure that we have a larger share of voice in the market. And then the community further deepens and builds more brand love for our products, as well. So, it's kind of the content creator commerce and community flywheel works for us to really help us scale our brands.

On the future of this

I think the future for us is literally kind of focusing on how we can get to profitability and basically be sustainable. That's basically what we're looking at right now.

On the growth of the Good Glamm Group

Our biggest growth driver is undoubtedly our content creator community engine which has ensured that every brand we bought in 2021 has grown between 200 per cent to 400 per cent in the last year. This strategic moat is proprietary and allows us to cross sell every new brand to our existing base of customers. We today have 12mil transacted customers and have a 12 month retention rate of 45 per cent - 50 per cent. This high new user acquisition coupled with extremely strong repeat behaviour is what is fuelling our growth.