Never underestimate the significance of creativity - Gaurav Kaushik

Never underestimate the significance of creativity - Gaurav Kaushik

Consumer-driven campaigns takes further escalation by automation, creativity.

Gaurav Kaushik

Mumbai: Currently, consumer-driven marketing campaigns take further escalation by different paths of automation and creativity. No more exceptions are using only organic strategy to build a brand successfully. Possibly the peculiar campaigning is the epitome of the right blend of marketing mix. Marketing and Technology become two vital sides of the same coin, brands dynamics have changed after Covid 19, and Brands trying to be more focused and accessible to target audiences with MarTech agencies. These agencies have become key solutions to address KPIs in recent years.

Gaurav Kaushik is an entrepreneur and visionary serving as the founder and CEO of Technians, a marketing and technology Agency. With a career spanning nearly a decade, Gaurav has consistently demonstrated his expertise in guiding businesses toward digital success with positive perceptions of brand building. He is a passionate marketer, a tech enthusiast, a go-getter, a wildlife enthusiast, and a dedicated mentor, exhibiting a unique blend of qualities that sets him apart in the corporate landscape.

Under Gaurav's adept leadership, Technians has flourished into a hub of creativity and performance, dedicated to helping brands such as HPE, Hitachi, Philips, OYORooms, Housing, TataMetaliks, JindalRealty, Faces Canada, Marvel Tea, Ananda, Campus, Vivo, Limeroad, Shein, Tresmode, Maruti Suzuki, Apollo, Max Healthcare, Canara HSBC OBC life, ICICI Bank, Carrier, tell their stories through innovative digital marketing and technology solutions.

As a marketer, he has received numerous accolades over the last many years including Martech Conclave & Awards'23 by Transformance, Excellence in MarTech Strategy: Firmenich, Best Sales Enablement Strategy: Jindal Realty, Outstanding Use of Marketing Automation: Tresmode, MarTech Leader of the Year: Technicians, MarTech CEO Award: Gaurav Kaushik. He has achieved recognition for his leadership throughout his career. Here exclusively interacted with Gaurav Kaushik about his vision and entrepreneurial journey. Gaurav Kaushik is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of guiding businesses towards digital success.

Here are excerpts -

On Journey of Technians

Technians, a leading MarTech agency, emerged with a vision to redefine the landscape of digital marketing and technology solutions. Fuelled by a passion for innovation, the agency excels in brand innovation, leveraging market research, proven strategies, and cutting-edge design to transform businesses. With over 800 B2B clients, including Tata and Hitachi, and 1200+ B2C clients like OYO and Max Healthcare, Technians has earned recognition through numerous awards, showcasing its commitment to delivering impactful digital solutions.

At the core of Technians' success is its dedication to user experience and storytelling. The agency crafts seamless digital experiences, ensuring every interaction is memorable. Through its comprehensive range of services, including integrated marketing and digital solutions, Technians stands as a trusted partner in the dynamic digital landscape, consistently achieving excellence and setting brands apart in the crowded online marketplace.

On differentiated USP of the Technians -

Establishing meaningful connections within the field, seeking mentorship, and engaging in communities can provide invaluable knowledge and open doors to opportunities. Furthermore, never underestimate the significance of creativity. In marketing, the ability to generate fresh ideas and think innovatively is paramount. Nurturing your creative instincts can be the key to standing out in this dynamic field, where originality often leads to success.

On Segmentation of the services -

Within a MarTech agency, segmenting services into agencies, studios, and technology provides a strategic benefit. Agencies are responsible for client strategy and coordination, while studios are responsible for creative execution and technology is responsible for designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions. This division improves the MarTech agency's capacity to meet a wide range of client requirements by assuring specialised experience in each subject and offering comprehensive, creative marketing technology solutions.

On Content Management System and client’s expectations on the pitching campaign -

Although a content management system (CMS) is extensive in handling many content issues, some clients may believe that it is only designed for brand campaigns. It's important to note, however, that a CMS isn't only for brand campaigns; it's a versatile tool for managing content kinds across blogs, websites, e-commerce, internal systems, and more. Client education on the CMS's enormous potential helps to erase any stigma and demonstrates its applicability beyond marketing campaigns.

On transformational campaigning of FMCG and luxury brands -

Marketing for FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and premium firms during times of upheaval requires a sophisticated strategy. FMCG places a premium on accessibility, value, and convenience, frequently leveraging social media, influencers, and personalized content. Luxury brands, on the other hand, emphasis exclusivity, narrative, and emotional connections via high-quality images, experiential marketing, and crafted brand experiences. Understanding the unique consumer behaviours and ambitions in each industry is critical for developing bespoke marketing plans that engage with their intended audiences in the midst of these dramatic transformations.

On ethical campaigning and regulations -

Yes, a volunteer regulator may play an important role in guaranteeing ethical advertising and marketing campaigns. While legislative frameworks exist, a volunteer regulator offers an extra degree of monitoring, promoting industry adherence to ethical norms. This authority may set norms, monitor adherence to ethical practices, provide direction to businesses, and create a venue for resolving ethical problems, creating better responsibility and confidence in the advertising sector.

On target audience-

Because we serve a diverse clientele, our goal for the next few years is centered on technical innovation and diversity. We want to employ new technology to build solutions that are accessible, user-friendly, and suited to specific requirements. Our vision includes a dedication to continual improvement, flexibility to changing trends, and a focus on improving user experiences.

On demographics and ROI of the Campaign

Setting defined KPIs that are linked with goals, using data analytics to monitor success against those targets, and modifying tactics based on real-time insights are all necessary for growing campaigns across varied populations.

On existing cut-throat competition in creative agencies -

The artistic and creative digital services business is extremely competitive, with constant innovation and shifting trends. Due to the quick rate of technology improvements, changing customer preferences, and the continual need to offer innovative and entertaining content, cutthroat competition is common. To distinguish out in this intensely competitive world, staying ahead needs ongoing creativity, agility, and tireless pursuit of delivering outstanding value to clients.

On upcoming plans for Technians -

Technians is extending its services and technological capabilities. To properly position our agency, we prioritise breakthrough technology solutions, client-centricity, thought leadership, brand uniqueness, and deliberate market development.