How to Decide Between QLED, OLED, 4K UHD or Full HD TV

According to ECD, when buying a smart television in India, you need to consider several factors such as size, operating system and the picture resolution. Apart from that, you also need to check the type of display the TV provides because it determines the overall picture quality. 

There are different types of smart TV displays which includes QLED, OLED, 4K UHD and Full HD.  In this article, we shall reveal how each one of them works to make your work easier when choosing the most suitable option.

1.  QLED

QLED or a Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode is made of quantum dots or tiny semiconductor crystals which ranges from 2nm- 10nm. It features a group of LCD panels which requires an external source of light to provide the images we seen on the television. The light source is normally located on the sides or behind the diode panel. Quantum dots provide color light according to their size and the energy gap of the materials being used. What sets QLED apart from its competitors is the fact that each pixel is able to emit or create its own light independently. The color of each pixel varies according to its size. For example, larger pixels emit a red light while the smaller ones produce a blue light.


•    Provides very sharp colors even when there is extreme brightness
•    No burn-in or lag
•    Thin and light
•    The switching speed between on and off is very fast
•    Brightness is 50-100 more than the LCD and CRT displays
•    Available in higher display sizes which h means that consumers can choose from different sizes
•    Very bright and vibrant colors
•    Sizable


•  The quantum dots in QLED TVs use the light that is passed through them by a backlight

1.  OLED [Organic Light Emitting Diode]

Unlike the QLED technology, OLED is an independent display technology. This means that it does not require a backlight and instead, it produces its own light. The good thing about it is that it provides wider viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. This ensures that there are no alterations on color, brightness or contrast when you are viewing the screen at skewed angles. Again, OLED makes the screen to appear darker and this enhances the contrast. However, there is a risk of burn-in/ image retention and lower brightness as compared to LED displays.


•    The organic external layers ate light, sleek and flexible as compared to the glass layers on an LCD or LED.
•    Light emitting layers of OLEDs are light which means that they make the substrate of the OLED flexible
•    OLED displays are very bright because the organic layers used are thinner than the inorganic crystalline layers. Again, the emissive and conductive layers of OLEDs can be stacked together to make create multiple layers.
•    Unlike the LCDs and LEDs that requires glass for support, the OLEDs do not. As a result, they are brighter since glass absorbs some of the light.
•    They do not require a backlight since they emit their own light. Due to this, they have a wider viewing angle.


•    High manufacturing costs
•    They are easily destroyed by liquids

2.  4K UHD

In simple terms, 4K UHD is the image resolutions or horizontal screen display of about 4,000 pixels. This type of display is also referred to as UHD-1 or just 4K. Other people may refer to it as 2160P. Unlike the full HD, the features of 4K UHD differ in the professional fields which leads to different definitions of the horizontal pixels x vertical pixels. For example, 4K UHD specifications refer to any of the two high definitions which are 3840 x 2160 pixels and 4096 x 2160 pixels. You will also find that most of the 4K UHD displays can support 3840 x2160 pixels and only a few products are able to support 4021 x 2160 pixels.

If you want the display equipment to correspond to the 4k content as well as the 4K panel, you need to ensure that the related equipment is able to support that. In terms of picture quality, 4K UHD TV provides an incredible performance. As a result, they are very expensive. They are also available in different sizes which range from 40 inches to more than 100 inches.

3.  HDR TV

Even with their unique performance, 4K UHD TVs cannot match the HDR [High Dynamic Range] TVs. These TVs provides the highest level of color contrast which enables them to provide realistic images. If you want to enjoy true HDR contents, having a 4K HDR TV is not enough and you will need a player that can play HDR content for games and movies.

4.  Full HD TV

High Definition [HD]TV is the standard that has been  on the market for more than a decade. These TVs are able to display images at a resolution of 1280 x 720[720p]. Most modern TVs are able to provide Full HD which means that they displays images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080[1080p]. The ‘P’ stands for progressive which means that the whole image is drawn on each frame.

Final Verdict

If you have been thinking of investing in the best smart TV, the first thing you need to familiarize yourself on the different smart TV displays available. The type of display used in smart TVs determines the picture quality which means that some are clearer than others. We hope that after reading this article, you now know the difference between OLED, QLED, Full HD and 4K UHD and now you are able to choose the best. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which means that you need to check them keenly before you make a choice.

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