Ground-breaking tech-powered platform GenS aims to challenge ‘age-old’ societal norms

Ground-breaking tech-powered platform GenS aims to challenge ‘age-old’ societal norms

GenS wants to challenge and reshape the conventional narrative surrounding ageing

Meenakshi Menon

Mumbai: GenSxty Tribe is set to transform the conventional narrative around ageing with a bespoke tech-enabled platform curated for the 60+ - GenS. 60+ is a time of newfound freedom that’s unburdened by social expectations and stereotypes. GenS encourages the 60+ audience to live and explore life on their own terms, armed with the financial means and opportunities to pursue passions and explore new relationships and dimensions of personal growth. GenS is set to redefine the golden years, offering a vibrant, safe and engaging space where 60+ individuals can thrive, connect, and celebrate life.

As healthcare advances and life expectancy rises, the world's senior population is reaching unprecedented levels.

. By 2050, for the first time in history, there will be more people over 60 than children under 15

. In India, seniors aged 60 and above currently make up over 10% of the population, numbering 149 million

. This figure is projected to rise to 340 million by 2050, accounting for 21% of the total population, according to the India Ageing Report [UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) India, in collaboration with the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)]

Despite this, brands and advertisers still predominantly target the younger demographic, neglecting the substantial spending power and influence of the 60+ audience.

GenS founder Meenakshi Menon (65) said, “The GenS app is being built using both a deep understanding of the consumer in terms of their need state and the technology that is keeping in mind their ease of use. With the launch of GenS, we empower individuals to embrace the abundance of life after 60 with confidence and enthusiasm. I firmly believe that the 60+ have reached a stage in their lives where they can become a vehicle of social change while enjoying each day of their lives to the fullest. Adding life to their years is more critical than adding years to their life.”

She further adds, “As a member of this cohort, it was important to get an independent perspective of this segment and understand what made them tick. Very often Founders make the mistake of creating a product that they believe in and disregard what the market says. It was critical that we spent time understanding the contours of this consumer. We had to dig deep beneath the surface to get at their feelings, their hidden concerns and motives. It was a journey of discovery for all of us. Each one was invested in the outcome, either as members of the cohort or Children who cared deeply for their parents’ well-being. That is why we commissioned research with Ormax Compass to discover the various predispositions and emotions felt by this group. The findings gave us both insight and intent and contributed massively to the development of our soon-to-be-launched GenS app.”

GenS recognises that turning 60 is a milestone that marks the beginning of life's greatest adventure. Menon, a renowned figure in the marketing industry, brings her expertise and passion to create a platform that celebrates freedom, passion, and new opportunities for the 60+ community. The platform is further powered by senior industry stalwarts - Bhaskar Das, Dilip Cherian, Amit Bose, Namita Roy Ghose and supported by Indu Kak, Ramesh Menon and Jignesh Barasara, amongst others who have been instrumental in the inception of GenS, contributing their diverse insights and support to bring this innovative vision to life.

By recognizing that 60+ is a time of newfound freedom and opportunity, GenS aims to celebrate their potential to live life on their own terms, pursue passions, and explore new relationships. The platform is designed to help the active agers combat loneliness, break stereotypes, and rediscover joy and laughter. By leveraging the power of community and technology, GenS will offer a holistic range of services that cater to the physical, mental, emotional, financial, and social well-being of its members.

As GenS prepares for its launch, it invites 60+ individuals to embark on this new chapter with them! With a mission to revolutionize life after 60, GenS is more than just a platform—it's a movement dedicated to empowering, celebrating, and supporting its members every step of the way.