Ferticity Fertility Clinics aims to break social stigma with new campaign

Ferticity Fertility Clinics aims to break social stigma with new campaign

Conceptualised by Kairo5 Marcom, the video encapsulates how infertility is still a part of hush-hu


MUMBAI: Ferticity Fertility Clinics, India’s first NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accredited 'Stand Alone IVF center' has unveiled an awareness-based video campaign titled, ‘Let’s share the talk’ in order to create cognisance around women’s reproductive health.

Conceptualised and created by Kairo5 Marcom Pvt Ltd, the video encapsulates how a subject like infertility is still a part of hush-hush talks or in worse cases not even talked about. The film aims to break the social stigma associated with the subject and bring it out in the open.

Most of the women’s health issues remain unnoticed and untreated owing to the social stigma around them. In India, every one in ten couples is suffering from fertility issues. In one-third of the total cases is female infertility, another one-third is male infertility and in the rest of the cases problems are seen in both partners and it can be unexplained infertility. In reproductive age, the average number of infertile couples is 27.5 million.

“Unfortunately, in the times where medical marvels, technological advancements, and women empowerment are happening on an everyday basis, such issues are yet to come out and see the daylight," said Ferticity Fertility Clinics founder & director Athar Anjum. "Even in today’s time, infertile women are deemed to be inauspicious and unlucky and in most cases are ill-treated, rejected, or abandoned by their family and society. Hence, there arises a need to spread awareness and address such social taboos and make it easy for people to talk and be open about such matters for betterment of the society as a whole.”