Deepika Padukone’s 82°E unveils ‘Feels like home’ campaign

Deepika Padukone’s 82°E unveils ‘Feels like home’ campaign

The campaign celebrates the joy of practising simple acts of self-care.

Deepika Padukone

Mumbai: Deepika Padukone’s self-care brand, 82°E, has unveiled its inaugural campaign film, "Feels Like Home," celebrating the joy of practising simple acts of self-care.

The film brings to life the ethos of 82°E in a visual collage where self-care meets skincare. The visuals capture women practising everyday self-care rituals while also caring for their skin. Real, unfiltered voices of women tell us how these rituals are simple, joyful, and feel like home.

The 60-second brand film can be viewed on 82°E’s social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

The campaign slogan, "Feels like home," encapsulates the sentiment and emotion associated with self-care while also building a connection with the brand's name. Inspired by the standard meridian that passes through India, 82°E brings out the geographical aspect of home while the creative interpretation brings to life the feeling of it.

An extension of Padukone's beliefs, 82°E supports a holistic approach to self-care. The brand is on a mission to inspire its audience to connect with their truest, most authentic selves through joyful and effective self-care practices.

Commenting on the campaign film, Padukone said, "Practicing simple acts of self-care consistently helps me stay grounded and enables me to feel my most centred. With 82°E, the hope is to inspire us all to prioritise our well-being by practising acts of self care that are simple, joyful, effective, and evoke the feeling of ‘home.’ Through our inaugural campaign, "Feels like home," we bring to life the geographical aspect of home, as also captured in our brand name, alongside the creative interpretation of the emotion, all while staying true to the product promise."

Spring Marketing Capital founder and creative partner Arun Iyer said, "It has been a privilege to bring alive the world of 82°E. From the beginning, this project pushed us to dream and break the traditions of perfection in the category. Each product, although simple, is exquisite, rooted in Indian ethos with a global outlook. We had to bring the brand to life with the same level of craftsmanship. Our campaign thought, "Feels like home," is brought to life via authentic, unfiltered voices while building a solid connection with the brand name."

IDEO executive director for global beauty Heather Boesch said, "It has been a joy to serve as a global strategic partner for 82°E since its inception. The brand is genuinely committed to elevating self-care as part of overall well-being. And while it is born in India, 82°E is for the world, and we have worked side by side with its co-founders and partners to ensure that every facet of the brand, from its products to its messaging to its aesthetics, reflects the brand's core philosophy: rooted in India and global in its outlook and appeal. We can’t wait for the whole world to fall in love with 82°E."