Columbia Pacific Communities awards digital mandate to Buffalo Soldiers

Columbia Pacific Communities awards digital mandate to Buffalo Soldiers

Agency to boost brand presence & shape senior living discourse in India.

Columbia Pacific

Mumbai: Buffalo Soldiers, celebrated as the 'Rising Maverick Agency of 2023', announced its latest client acquisition - Columbia Pacific Communities, a senior living community operator. This partnership symbolizes a new chapter in digital engagement for senior living, with Buffalo Soldiers managing Columbia Pacific Communities' social media, online reputation, and crafting innovative campaigns throughout the year. This collaboration aligns with Columbia Pacific Communities' commitment to providing exceptional care and experiences for seniors, enabling them to enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

“This partnership with Buffalo Soldiers is a step towards enhancing our digital engagement, reaching out to more seniors and their families, and creating awareness about the enriching lifestyle we offer,” said Columbia Pacific Communities Sr VP - sales and marketing Sanjay Vishwanathan. "Partnering with Buffalo Soldiers allows us to create this engagement in new and meaningful ways. We're excited to see how this partnership will enrich our communication and storytelling," Sanjay Vishwanathan added.

Columbia Pacific Communities stands at the forefront of senior living in India, offering a blend of comfort, community, and care. Their decision to partner with Buffalo Soldiers reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence in their digital presence. Buffalo Soldiers co-founder & CEO Sumon K Chakrabarti expressed his enthusiasm, “We’re honored to partner with Columbia Pacific Communities. Our goal is to create digital narratives that resonate with the vibrant lives of seniors. This is a unique opportunity to redefine how senior living communities engage online.” “CPC offers us a chance to delve into a sector that's close to our hearts. Seniors have rich stories and experiences, and our aim is to bring these stories to life digitally, connecting them with a broader audience,” Chakrabarti added.

Buffalo Soldiers’ expertise in digital creativity is set to bring a fresh perspective to the senior living sector, highlighting the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that Columbia Pacific Communities provides.

This partnership is not just about marketing; it's about creating a community and a sense of belonging online. Buffalo Soldiers plans to use its expertise to develop content that celebrates the spirit of senior living, fostering a sense of connection and engagement among the residents and their families.

Through innovative digital campaigns, Buffalo Soldiers aims to highlight the unique aspects of Columbia Pacific Communities, showcasing the vibrant lifestyle and comprehensive care they offer. This synergy is expected to not only elevate the brand’s presence but also contribute significantly to the conversation around senior living in India.