An overview of WhatsApp’s safety and privacy campaigns this year

An overview of WhatsApp’s safety and privacy campaigns this year

WhatsApp leads in innovating features for global user safety and privacy.


Mumbai: In an age where privacy and online security have become paramount, WhatsApp is at the forefront of innovating features that continually help enhance the safety and privacy for users globally. From  chat lock to disappearing messages, silence unknown callers to privacy checkup, every new feature adds to WhatsApp’s multiple layers of protection.

Understanding that launching innovative features alone is not enough, WhatsApp has invested time and effort to educate users and drive awareness around some of its key safety and privacy features. This strategic effort involves multiple safety and privacy campaigns designed to empower users to take control of their online safety and privacy.

Stay safe with WhatsApp campaign:

• On 12 April, WhatsApp rolled out their three-month ‘Stay safe with WhatsApp’ that focused on  creating user awareness around safer digital practices, highlighting product features that empower users to take control of their online safety and ensure a safer messaging  experience.  

• WhatsApp collaborated with influential figures such as Rajiv Makhni, Manoj Chugh, Jaspreet  Bindra, Akancha Shrivastava, Pankaj Gupta, and Deepak Maheshwari to amplify awareness  of WhatsApp's safety and privacy features.  

• As part of this campaign, WhatsApp released educational user guides highlighting safety tools and product features to secure users' WhatsApp accounts. Additionally, it offered  insights on how to stay protected from scams using WhatsApp's safety features.

Privacy campaign highlighting WhatsApp’s “Multiple layers of protection”

• WhatsApp launched a global campaign focused on the importance of secure communication  and WhatsApp’s multiple layers of privacy. The campaign shows how a private conversation  with a friend or loved one on WhatsApp creates a safe space for people to communicate  with one another.

• Mirrors Activation and partnership with Anushka Sharma to highlight the power of private  messaging. WhatsApp partnered with actor Anushka Sharma to launch a series of mirrored  messages appearing in private spaces - women’s restrooms - in malls across Delhi. Mirrored  messages with QR codes appeared in women's restrooms in Delhi malls, offering suggestions  for checking in via a private WhatsApp message. These messages disappeared afterward,  similar to the Disappearing Messages feature on WhatsApp.

• 3D Anamorphic installations at the Gateway of India: WhatsApp hosted an immersive  storytelling experience at Mumbai's iconic Gateway of India, where anamorphic privacy  installations and projection mapping on the monument facade vividly showcased the layers  of privacy WhatsApp offers:

For the final leg of the privacy campaign, on 4 September, WhatsApp will announce a partnership with Ranveer Singh to promote message privacy where he talks about how WhatsApp’s multiple layers of protection give him control over his most private conversations.

In a candid conversation the actor opens up about what's in his phone and how he protects his most  private conversations on WhatsApp. The entertaining video almost has Ranveer spilling the beans but instead educates people on the importance of private and secure messaging with simple privacy  features like end-to-end encryption, chat lock, screenshot blocking for view once messages on WhatsApp.

Talking about the collaboration with WhatsApp, Ranveer Singh, said, “With more and more private  conversations happening online, our privacy needs are also evolving. From sharing my most private  thoughts with my friends and family to discussing work, my WhatsApp has private information like  film scripts, my financial details. The cool thing about WhatsApp is that with its layers of privacy I  know my conversations are always secure and with features like chat lock, I can password protect my  most private and important chats so that even though my phone changes hands, my chats don’t.”

Meta director, consumer marketing Vyom Prashant said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Ranveer to bring alive the multiple ways in which WhatsApp protects our users' privacy, in an  entertaining, informative, and relatable manner. We believe this partnership along with our  campaign on privacy, demonstrates to our users that they always have a safe and private space on  WhatsApp for their conversations."