Kellogg's lauches new campaign with a breakfast pledge

Kellogg's lauches new campaign with a breakfast pledge

MUMBAI: Kellogg – the world's leading cereal company has announced a new initiative in India – “Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge” to build nation-wide awareness on the importance of eating breakfast every day. This initiative comes soon after the company launched the ‘India Breakfast Habits Study’ as part of the Power of Breakfast initiative in August 2013, which revealed that one in four Indians claim to skip and a whopping 72% skimp or have an inadequate breakfast. Embarking on the “Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge” initiative, Kellogg endeavours to create a new generation of breakfast eaters in India by encouraging more Indian consumers to understand the importance of eating a balanced breakfast.

Kellogg has helped spread the message regarding the importance of breakfast by reaching out to a large number of key stakeholders through dissemination of the findings of the 'India Breakfast Habits Study' to consumers, media and healthcare professionals. Additionally through a series of programs like the school nutrition education program and gifting breakfast to busy commuters in air-lines and radio-cabs, Kellogg has already begun the journey. As the next step in the journey towards creating the next generation of breakfast eaters, Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge initiative provides a platform to help people discover the power of breakfast. This initiative encourages people to take a pledge to have breakfast everyday. By doing so, every person will gift a breakfast to a child to help him or her discover the power of breakfast. Kellogg seeks to empower one Indian to influence or impact another Indian to discover the power of breakfast.

Through each pledge, every person will gift a breakfast to a child to help him or her discover the power of breakfast. Kellogg has partnered with United Way of Mumbai, to reach out to children in schools for gifting breakfasts. Several children today go to schools with an empty stomach and therefore through this initiative Kellogg would like them to discover the power of breakfast.

Given that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Kellogg's felt it necessary to help 'create the habit' with the Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge. Brand ambassadors Juhi Chawla and Sakshi Tanwar actively supported the initiative and invited people to take the Breakfast Pledge along with them.

Speaking on this, SangeetaPendurkar, Managing Director, Kellogg India, says, “Kellogg India is committed to nurturing a healthy India through consumer education, consumer relevant innovation and a strong nutrition agenda. The Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge is the next step in our journey towardsimproving the breakfast eating habits of Indian consumers. While we have already begun the journey with half a million people; through the Kellogg’s Breakfast Pledge, we seek to encourage many more Indians to recognize the importance of breakfast and to partner Kellogg in this journey and empower them to influence many more to discover the power of breakfast. The ‘India Breakfast Habits Study’ revealed that several people today either skip or skimp breakfast and several children are going to school on an empty stomach and therefore miss on the much needed nutrients. Through the Breakfast Pledge initiative, Kellogg would like to address this and create a generation of breakfast eaters in India. We simply want to encourage more Indians to take one pledge and gift one breakfast.”

JayantiShukla, Executive Director, United Way of Mumbai, said, “We constructively engage the corporate sector into meaningful social responsibility structures enabling a positive and lasting change in the communities they operate in. We are delighted to partner with Kellogg's on the Breakfast Pledge initiative. We are working very closely with the teams to ensure the gifting of breakfast is carried out in an effective manner.”

Reaching out directly to 200,000 children in schools, consumers at retail touch points and through an integrated print, radio and digital strategy, Kellogg aims to drive home the importance of breakfast while also creating the habit through this impactful initiative.