Brands salute the indomitable spirit of frontline workers on May Day

Brands salute the indomitable spirit of frontline workers on May Day

Pay tributes to the invisible & unsung Covid heroes on International Labour’s Day.


MUMBAI: As we celebrate one more May Day, also called the International Day of Workers or International Labour Day, dedicated to workers and labourers across the world (from behind closed doors in the safety of our homes), it becomes even more important to recognise the invisible labour of those countless workers who keep our lives going, uninterrupted. Who have put their lives at risk, tirelessly fighting an unseen deadly enemy to just do their everyday job- letting the rest of us have the luxury of choosing not to step out.  

With this thought in mind, brands have come forward to shine a light on the working community, who have contributed to our well-being by sharing digital campaigns on this day dedicated to them. Here are some of the creatives/campaigns for Labour Day which caught our eye:

Tata Motors shared a message of hope and solidarity on its Instagram handle, saying “This #LabourDay, we salute those on the frontlines of the battle against #COVID19. Here's hoping for a safer and healthier future ahead.”

It also reminded us all that “in these unfortunate times we are fortunate to have them”.

Croma Retail shared a film that talks about taking out a moment to pause and to “wholeheartedly thank all the service staff who helped make our days brighter everyday”, while urging us to do the same. It shared, “Their work never stopped, even when the world did. Let's take a moment to honour and celebrate the unsung heroes who have our utmost respect and gratitude, here's to you!”

The Aditya Birla Group’s UltraTech Cement gave a shoutout to the labourers who work day in and out, even in these Covid times to create our dream homes.

Bajaj Allianz paid tribute to the frontline workers on social media. “Working endlessly to fight the global pandemic and keep us safe in the bounds of our home. This #WorldLabourDay, let’s contribute to their efforts by following all the rules and norms effectively. #CaringlyYours “ With the words, “Be it an emergency or a pandemic  they never stop caring  for us,” the insurance company posted.

JSW paints shared a post to thank those who work round-the-clock for us in an Instagram story, “Seize the day from the safety of our homes and thank our heroes for all their efforts”

Kotak Life shared an acknowledgement for the frontline workers, whose hard labour in the pursuit of their livelihood makes our lives smoother. “Here’s to the ones who strive hard for the development of our nation while risking their lives.”

Automotive and inverter battery manufacturer Tata Green shared the following post on its Instagram, saying, “TATA Green appreciates the hard work, dedication and contribution of all the workers across our nation this #InternationalLabourDay,” with the message ‘Let’s honour the hands that have built our nation’.