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82% people are worried about carrying germs in clothes: Whirlpool & Kantar survey

The detailed survey was conducted with a sample size of 500 individuals

KOLKATA: Whirlpool of India, the world’s leading kitchen and laundry home appliance company, facilitated a survey with Kantar to understand how consumers are responding to the hygiene and sanitation of their clothes. In the current environment, people world-over are concerned about keeping themselves and their surroundings germ-free and sanitized. Extra precautions are being taken every step of the way to minimize interaction with the outside world. 

The detailed survey was conducted with a sample size of 500 individuals (men and women) aged 28-40 years in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. The primary objective of this survey was to arrive at hard-hitting facts on consumer’s awareness around the cleanliness of clothes and its implication in today’s time. 

The survey reveals that 97 per cent of consumers feel the importance of sanitization has increased and the frequency with which they wash clothes has gone up for 87 per cent consumers.

The other stark findings revealed by the survey include:

Clothes worn outside the home tops the list of objects feared to carry germs with 93 per cent endorsements. The other carriers of germs include- 

  • Any surface area like lift, railings etc. and home delivered food (92 per cent)
  • Footwear (88 per cent)
  • Bags (83 per cent)
  • Mobile phones and money (82 per cent) 

In the current situation, 82 per cent respondents claimed that they are worried about carrying germs in clothes when coming from outside. The other worries include- 

  • Sanitisation of hands and surfaces (80 per cent)
  • Sanitization of clothes (78 per cent)
  • Falling sick (76 per cent)
  • Lack of adequate medical help (73 per cent)
  • Increase in household chores (72 per cent)

People from Mumbai are most worried about carrying germs in clothes when coming from outside at 89 per cent, followed by Chennai and Kolkata 

87 per cent of the respondents claim that worrying has led to increase in washing of clothes for the following reasons: 

  • To maintain hygiene and cleanliness (91 per cent)
  • To keep our kids and elderly members safe from germs/allergens (83 per cent)
  • Prevention from falling sick (82 per cent)
  • Washing clothes worn outside after single wear (81 per cent)

79 per cent of the respondents claim that hot water helps in Sanitizing clothes along with ‘effective cleaning’ and ‘removal of tough stains’

  • 88 per cent consumers in Chennai believe hot water cleans clothes more effectively, the highest among other regions

Significantly higher number of female respondents (82 per cent) feel that hot water will help sanitize ‘kid’s toys, bedding and clothes’ more than males (73 per cent) 

Respondents claimed that Germs/allergen in clothes can be removed by washing it with:

  • Detergent (82 per cent) 
  • Hot Water (76 per cent)
  • Disinfectant (71 per cent)
  • Using home remedies (43 per cent) 

73 per cent of the consumers claimed that they use hot water to wash only a certain type of clothes such as:

  • Clothes with tough stains (91 per cent)
  • Baby clothes (86 per cent)
  • Clothes used in kitchen (85 per cent) 

96 per cent of the consumers claimed that they will consider buying a washing machine that has an advanced option for sanitising clothes as well

  • In fact, 98 per cent of the consumers are even willing to pay premium while buying a washing machine with sanitisation feature rather than on other consumer appliances like AC, refrigerator, etc., shown to respondents

93 per cent of the consumers believed that different water temperature is required for cleaning different type of clothes

80 per cent of the consumers believe that washing clothes in a washing machine with hot water is the best way to remove stains and sanitise clothes

  • However, only 20 per cent of these respondents claim to use hot water wash for all types of clothes

‘Safe’ is the word that consumers associate with the feeling that their washing machine can help remove germs/allergens (79 per cent)

Women are much more conscious about ensuring sanitization of clothes 

  • Significantly higher number of female respondents (81 per cent) have done online search to understand how to sanitize their clothes than male (72 per cent) respondents
  • There is a relatively higher concern among Moms (85%) on the worry of germs getting carried in from outside
  • 75 per cent of working women are more aware and highly concerned through online search on improving sanitisation
  • More working women (82 per cent) believe that hot water helps in sanitizing clothes

Whirlpool of India vice president marketing KG Singh said, “People today are more vigilant of their health and hygiene than ever before. With sanitisation becoming the need of the hour, we commissioned a survey to gauge the behaviour patterns around their rising concerns of keeping clothes clean. With ‘Everyday, Care’ at the core of our brand, we wanted to be there for our consumers during this time by better understanding their needs and offering a portfolio of products that meet their expectations.” 

“The survey clearly indicates the stress and worry around sanitization of clothes. Consumers are researching online to know of effective ways to clean their clothes and kill germs brought in from outside the home. Hot water which is known to be effective in cleaning stains has stood out as a top preference for consumers when opting for a washing machine along with the added benefits of sanitization features. It is extremely critical to take care of the hygiene and sanitization of one’s surroundings and clothes,” said the official spokesperson from Kantar. 

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