Seamless connectivity - the order of the day: Murty

MUMBAI: Intel India director marketing Jayant Murty spoke about the rise of the Internet and broadband from an 'Intel' perspective. In his session titled 'Beyond Computing - An Intel perspective' at the IOA conclave in Mumbai on 1 October, Murty spoke about how the Internet can provide the big opportunity to make India classless and give it empowerment. .



Murty started by giving an example of a district in India called Baramati. This district was on the coast and hence was occupied with fishermen. Every year there were more than 300 deaths in this district of fishermen who ventured into the sea and never returned back. Last year, not surprisingly there were no deaths in the village. The reason being, the fishermen were now Internet savvy and always checked out the weather conditions before going to sea. This was the power of the medium.



Talking about the growth of broadband and mobile, he said, "Connectivity is about being able to offer it seamlessly wherever it is and one thing to be noted here is that killer apps are created by users and not carriers."



Delving into some number, Murty said that there was a relevant urban population of 249 million PC exposure and Internet usage. In this, 8 million actually use the Internet, 3 million is the number of Internet connections, 12 million claims to have used the Internet and 2 million are Internet subscribers.

He went on to say that networks are and will become seamless and that voice will not drive revenue but data will. "The need for bandwidth will multiply exponentially as digital devices will proliferate. Also wireless broadband can intersect national priorities," he said.

Murty ended on an optimistic note saying that enterprises that use computing and connectivity will be significantly making higher profits than their competitors.

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