Metamorphosis downs Zee, Star to win Promax&BDA challenge

MUMBAI: The first day of the first Promax & BDA conference in India concluded with two competitions. The first one was the Promo Challenge. It was agency Metamorphosis that came out on top to win the prize.



The agency beat out Zee Telefilms, Star News and SS Music. The aim was to create a promo out of a fake episode of a reality show Reel Life that Promax had put together. The teams had 48 hours to do the needful. Participants had to bear in mind the fact that the show would air on fake channel The Crime Channel tonight and that its target audience was in the 18-34 year old age bracket.

The challenge for the participants was that Reel Life was one of the most boring shows ever put together. There was no action, little suspense although it dealt with two detectives solving a murder in Las Vegas.

How do you hook the audience to sampling the show in such a situation? Metamorphosis dealt with the problem by using graphics. The agency also composed guitar music, which was fused with the show's existing music.

Experts in the field of promos gave their opinion. BBC Broadcast senior account director Jill Lindeman felt that while Metamorphosis' use of graphics in a subtle manner was good she couldn't relate with the music. "While the third one's (Zee) editing was great the fourth one (Star News) drew me in with the music. However I feel that they missed the opportunity to get the message out earlier in the promo."

MTV's Cyrus Oshidhar however had a different opinion about the Star News promo. He did not know what the Indian music was doing there. "The promo seemed more intent on pushing the channel rather than getting the programme message across. The promo was never about the story of the show."

Sony's Albert Almeida was disappointed that none of the promos showed any sense of urgency in light of the fact of a crime had been committed. Like Oshidhar he too wondered at the point of Star News' choice of music.



The second challenge was the Set Student Challenge. This was different in that the four colleges had to create a promo out of clips from Sony's shows. They had five days to do the same. The aim was to use iconic telly figures like Jassi to show the importance of women empowerment and highlight issues like women education. National College walked away with the honours.

Oshidhar however came down on the entries saying that he did not get the point at all. "I vaguely understood the second entry. It was just a bunch of images with songs that did not say anything.

"While I do not want to be harsh on the students I do feel that the concept needed to be dealt with in greater clarity. All in all there was nothing to differentiate one entry from the other." Lindeman opined that the fourth entry was going strong until the pointless use of animation at the end. "Id did find an idea with the third one (National College) however. It took me to another place. Unfortunately I was lost with first one (Film and Television Institute Of India)."

Through words and music and the absence of voiceover the National College entry put forth the fact a world without women is one without compassion, integrity, confidence etc.

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