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SMScountry launches pc2Mobile SMS service at Rs 1.49

BANGALORE: Short messaging portal has launched internet based SMS service called PC2Mobile. The service costs Rs 1.49 per message anywhere in the world.



"All that you have to do is log on and register on our website, buy credits online or prepaid card, feed in the numbers in the phone book provided online, just once. Enter the message and leave it to to do the work for you with a single click, we provide the link between the website and the receiving networks," says VP marketing Ravindra.



SMScountry provides value for their customers by providing 2-way messaging tools online like the SMS messenger, and thus helping bridge the gap between people separated by distance.

Users can also redirect the incoming SMS from their pc to their own mobile phone thus it can be a mobile-to-mobile communication with the Internet & pc as the middleware. This facility acts as a virtual mobile and so we have huge number of students as our users, who stay in touch with people outside the university campuses without actually having a mobile phone.



Users can buy credits online or buy prepaid scratch cards offline for people living in India. Prepaid cards are available in denominations of Rs 50 which can be used to send 25 SMS, and Rs 165 which can be used to send 100 SMS. They can also be brought with our distributors spread across India. The basic cost of SMS to the subscriber would be Rs 1.49 plus taxes.

SMSCountry also provides corporate services, which include Software/website Integration services thus enabling companies to send SMS alerts to their customers, suppliers & employees.

SMSCountry is currently serving some of the big names like ILFS, Navia Markets in the financial services sector & partnered with, and to provide co-branding services. Spam (unsolicited SMS) via SMS is also taken care of by SMSCountry using various methods.