BBC World launches its marketing endeavour in the wake of elections.

MUMBAI: BBC World in its marketing endeavour this week launched a campaign highlighting its global coverage on the Indian elections. Through its hourly news bulletins and other special programming, the BBC's 24-hour news and information channel is providing viewers with a perspective on the domestic and international implications of the nationwide poll.

The campaign essentially emphasises on the BBC World's extensive international and Indian expertise. The three focus points been created to highlight the channel's global coverage are as follows:

    'Where you watch the election coverage says a lot about you. Like, are you a global citizen?'

    'The BJP believes India will be the next Asian superpower. What do the superpowers believe?'

    'Watch how the elections will affect the man in Bihar. As well as the President of the United States.'

The media plan includes print advertisements in leading dailies such as The Times of India and The Economic Times, and widely read magazines including the likes of India Today, Outlook and Business World. In addition, a two-week radio campaign, targeting BBC World's core audiences in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta, will also be a significant factor to reiterate the channel's global perspective on the election.

Commenting on the new campaign, BBC World head of marketing Seema Kotecha says, "As the world's largest democracy goes to the polls, international attention is focusing on India. BBC World will have more journalists there than any other international news channel, providing insights and in-depth analysis from the country and across the world. This thought provoking campaign focuses on BBC World's ability to give our discerning viewers a broader view of this event."

Media Planners for this campaign are Mediaedge and the creative design undertaken by Lemon Communications.

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