Dubai to use a 13 min film to attract investors

MUMBAI: Dubai has adapted a unique approach to highlight its achievements and significant future commercial plans. Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) have picturised and released in a 13-minute film to target and attract investors from all over to the globe to the Emirate.



The film highlights the advantages and benefits of doing business in the Emirate, say an official release. The business film is designed to complement and boost Dubai's status as the commercial hub of the Middle East.

According to DTCM manager media and advertising, Ahmed Al Tunaiji, "A display of what we have accomplished and what the future has in store for the emirate has been projected tastefully. This will inform and encourage regional and international investors, elite' business community and leading commercial houses worldwide about the numerous benefits that can be had by utilizing the facilities and amenities available in the emirate for industrial and commercial sector."

The film has picturised establishments like Media City, Internet City, Dubai 2003, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Aluminum, Palm Dubai, Madinet Jumeirah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai International Financial Centre, and Festival City. The films plans to showcase a broader picture of the Emirate in terms of trade, communication and manufacture have been embodied.

"All these projects have redefined the commercial history of the emirate from their inception and are seen as important landmarks in Dubai's business and trade sector. Each project serves as benchmark for us, which ensures a rewarding and thriving industrial future on the global highway," said Al Tunaiji. The release says that the video does not carry commentaries but has captivating visuals supported by informative captions. "A picture is worth million words and that was we have attempted here. The video copies will be sent to our 13 overseas offices worldwide for distribution to selected business houses and top decision makers in trade and industrial sector and significant international markets," said Al Tunaiji.

DTCM's agenda in India is to promote commerce and tourism through the organisation of marketing activities such as presentations, roadshows, advertising, brochure distribution, direct sales meetings and media education programmes, which include familiarization visits for business and travel journalists to Dubai.

The DTCM expects to play an important role in boosting bilateral ties by promoting a widespread awareness of the opportunities Dubai has to offer for both business and tourism.

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