Applied's pay-for-performance ad serving solution

LOS ANGELES: Applied Semantics a leading software tools and applications provider for unstructured data management has launched AdSense, touted to be the industry's most advanced contextually targeted pay-for-performance advertising solution.

AdSense dynamically generates advertisements comprised of conceptually relevant search terms and pay-for-performance search results targeted to real-time web content viewed by an online user.

By delivering highly targeted advertisements, AdSense enables online publishers to achieve the maximum cost-per-impression (CPM) for their content. Additionally, since AdSense matches a web page with advertisements from over 20,000 highly targeted ad categories, AdSense is always able to find a targeted ad enabling publishers to sell 100 per cent of their inventory.

In a recent pilot programme in which AdSense was displayed on 200,000+ news page views over a two-week period, it was able to deliver average click-through rates of 8.0 per cent, 25 times the industry average of 0.3 per cent for traditional run-of-network installations.

AdSense is powered by Applied Semantics' award-winning, patented CIRCA technology, a semantic engine that understands and extracts the key concepts on any web page. The foundation of CIRCA rests on the use of an ontology, or database of millions of concepts and relationships between concepts, enabling it to 'read' any web page and build a profile of the key meanings on the page. Lying at the heart of AdSense, CIRCA makes it possible to match the key concepts on any web page with the most relevant advertiser in real-time. AdSense crawls web pages, determines key meanings represented on the pages and selects the most effective pay-for-performance search terms. For example, a web page containing a news story on Tiger Woods and the Ryder Cup returns search terms and advertisements for golf tournaments, golf clubs and golf swings.

AdSense integrates easily into any online advertising media type and size, replacing existing advertising displays without the need to redesign or reformat web pages, claims the company. AdSense implementation options include in-line and standard frames, banners, towers and pop-ups -- all easily customisable and designed to optimise the end user experience.


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