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TAM Sports launches IPL 3 & 4 assessment book

MUMBAI: TAM Sports, TAM Media Research‘s division that specialises in measuring the sports sponsorship RoI, has done an assessment on IPL 3 and 4 focusing on the dynamics of TV audience and sponsorships.

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IPL 4.0 takes a hit as 68 matches get average TVR of 3.8

As the fourth edition of the Indian Premier league (IPL) enters the last lap of conclusion, the ratings are showing no signs of improvement.

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IPL4 averages 4.2 TVR in metros in 2nd week

MUMBAI: The IPL fever is on. As per data from Tam Sports for the week ended 16 April, the 12 matches that were played clocked an average TVR of 4.2 in the six metros.

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Indo-Pak duel peaks with 36.22 TVR in six metros

MUMBAI: As India gears up to play the final to claim the ‘Cup that Counts‘, it is the semifinal combat with Pakistan that mattered for many Indians.

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India-Australia match delivers 12.34 TVR

MUMBAI: The World Cup quarterfinal match between India and Australia got a TVR of 12.34 with 91 million viewers sampling it, making it the most-watched encounter of the World Cup tournament so fat.

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