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Music Junkies

A personas taste in music speaks tons about them and their personality. There are many who prefer the tried and tested classics and then there are those who seek the odd and experimental
What type of boss are you?

If you thought being a boss was an easy task, you might want to think again. A boss isn?t someone who simply directs but also leads. It is a tough balance to strike between a task master, guide, leader and a role model. And most often than not, it is a thankless job.

Even in this digital era, when storage is a matter of gigabytes and compressions, there is a different joy in collecting something physically tangible. Cherished over the years, collectibles offer a sense of fulfillment and nostalgia. From movie DVDs, whiskey bottles, stamps -- here is what some of...
Conversation With Subhash Kamath

In this episode of Talking Point, our host Papri Das chats up the charismatic CEO of BBH India. At forty something, Subhash Kamath strikes a fine balance between work and play. And by play we mean his guitar. Lead singer in a blues and classics rock band which is aptly titled Wanted Yesterday...
Mumbai Meals Medley

In a city like Mumbai, where there are countless number of dine out options for every cuisine, and the number of offers and suggestions from curating apps makes you further confused, it is hard to settle with one that you call your favourite. But our execs have successfully handpicked a few...

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