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    MUMBAI: Mobile application provider Nimbuzz has shifted its headquarters from the Netherlands to India and is now strategising to introduce innovations in the segment to create more business values and a new paradigm of mobile advertising.

    Nimbuzz said the internet boom in the mobility space is expected to happen in India in the next five years, which was the main reason to shift its global operations to India.

    The other reason to shift base is the Smartphones and Tablets adaption rate and the burgeoning growth in the telecom subscriber base in India (currently at 926.53 million). This opens up new, personalised advertising opportunities for brands to reach a vast segment of the diverse consumer base.

    The company is operating on the notion that "SMS-based advertising is not even close to what the industry is expecting from mobile advertising."

    Nimbuzz is now focussing on driving its revenue through location-based mobile advertising, Nimbuzz Bots (popular as Nimbuzz Chatbuddies) and analytics.

    Brands across sectors like FMCG, retail, healthcare and technology are increasingly using the mobile medium to advertise and interact with their customers. In order to provide these advertisers with an effective approach to invest their marketing spends in a cost effective and more impactful manner, Nimbuzz has introduced personalised advertising.

    The company is the pioneer in offering hyper-local targeted ads (HLTA) on the mobile platform across the globe. This tool allows the advertiser to advertise according to the location of the mobile phone user. For example, when the Nimbuzz user is in one of the malls, he sees a location based ad which prompts him to visit a pub within the mall for happy hour discounts.

    Nimbuzz has also introduced the Chat Buddy Developer Program (CBDP) recently which is expected to help brands, publishers, and independent developers get access to the 85 million Nimbuzz users across more than 200 countries.

    Nimbuzz has also collaborated with the many established brands and publishers like IBNLive for news update, Cricbuzz for live cricket update, Twitter for tweeting from within Nimbuzz, VantageTrade for stock updates, Wikipedia for ready-information, Youtube for searching and viewing videos and IMDB for movies reviews.

  • Nimbuzz moves HQ from Netherlands to India

    MUMBAI: Mobile application provider Nimbuzz has shifted its headquarters from the Netherlands to India and is now str

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