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Higher investment in content & tech, innovative marketing strategy led OTT industry in 2019

The over-the-top (OTT) market in India turned more saturated in 2019. To make a dent in the cluttered space, the contenders have significantly upped their game with a greater amount of high-quality original content, incorporating new technologies and increasing marketing spend.

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OTT India 2019 – key trends and crystal ball gazing for 2020

While  creating this write up on something that’s as wide and far as India OTT we decided to be as objective as possible and use data to establish and talk about some key trends that we see both unique as well as interesting on how the sector is evolving. App Annie is a third-party app analytics...

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Gaana introduces 'Stories', the short-format content in music streaming

MUMBAI: After leading the industry with the vertical video format, Gaana videos, India's largest music streaming app, Gaana has launched its own form of video stories - a version of short-form video content to showcase engaging mini videos and influencer clips on the app. With seamless toggle and...

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Peak TV and the year of the sheroes

A barrage of shows from across the globe has left a thin line between pampering and spoiling our consumers for choice. It, infact, nudged the coining of the term, Peak TV.When John Landgraf, the King of FX, at an industry event for TV critics uttered the phrase “Peak TV”, he was trying to address a...

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Does India need a Hallmark-like channel?

Is there scope for a local TV channel developed along the lines of the Hallmark Channel in India?. We, at think there is. There was a time in the eighties when Hiba Video - part of Nari Hira’s Lana group - churned out low cost thrillers for the home video and cable TV market....

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