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GUEST COLUMN: How the metaverse, web3, and blockchain are changing the dynamics of marketing

Mumbai: Web3, blockchain, and metaverse are three concepts that are generating a lot of buzz and enthusiasm in the domain of business technology right now. There are new technologies emerging all the time, and web 3, blockchain, and metaverse are among those that have the potential to change many...

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ZEE unveils metaverse induction program in Bengaluru

Media & entertainment powerhouse Zee Entertainment Enterprises on Wednesday conducted its first-ever induction in a metaverse environment by welcoming 100+ campus graduates from top tech institutes across the nation; at its Technology and Innovation Centre in Bengaluru.

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Music NFTs are an alternative way for artists to increase their earning potential: Report

Music NFTs are an alternative way for artists, most of whom depend on extractive record labels and centralised platforms to earn a living, to increase their earning potential, according to a report by video games, data, analytics and market research firm Newzoo. This allows them to sell their...

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GUEST COLUMN: How brands can leverage metaverse for connecting with consumers

MUMBAI : Through the years, what has been constant is how brands evolve with new tools and modes of communication to best connect with their customers and fulfill their wants. In fact, with the steady rise of mobile web and social media back in the 2010s, the way brands engage with consumers has...

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NFTICally unveils Comearth to drive e-commerce in the Metaverse

Global Web3 E-Commerce SaaS platform NFTically has launched Comearth.

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