IPRS joins Rongali Music Connect 2024

IPRS joins Rongali Music Connect 2024

Exploring opportunities for music creators in the digital age.


Mumbai: The vibrant city of Guwahati is all set to host the Rongali Music Connect, an integral part of the celebrated Rongali Assam Festival. IPRS is proud to join the Rongali Festival Assam, enhancing its presence through the Rongali Music Connect and an exclusive IPRS helpdesk. This eagerly awaited event will take place at the Aideo Cinema Hall, ASFFDC, Panjabari, from 11 am onwards. The Rongali Assam Festival, renowned for showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Assam, brings together the best of music, dance, fashion, art, craft, and traditions on a common platform.

Rongali Music Connect 2024: An insightful journey through the music industry

The Rongali Music Connect, organised in association with All About Music, promises to be a landmark event, focusing on the theme "The Evolution of the Music Industry in the Digital Age." The event will feature engaging discussions on:

 1.  The current and future trends in music: Explore the transformative impact of digital technology on the music industry, from production to distribution, and how artists can adapt to the changing landscape.

 2.  Mastering the craft and the market - online marketing strategies for musicians: Gain valuable insights into effective online marketing techniques that can help musicians reach a wider audience, build their brand, and enhance their online presence.

3.  Monetizing your music: streams, sales, and syncs: Learn practical strategies for monetizing music in the digital era, including leveraging streaming platforms, sales, and synchronization opportunities to maximize revenue.

4.  Elevating regional music to national and international platforms: Experts will discuss the unique challenges in promoting regional music globally, the role of digital platforms, and the importance of cultural preservation in the global market.

Distinguished panel of speakers

The event will feature an esteemed panel of speakers who are luminaries in the music industry, including Mayuri Gupta, Jatin Sharma, Vinay Guwalani, Aayushman Sinha, Rumpa Banerjee and Tarsame Mittal.

Attendees of the Rongali Music Connect will have the opportunity to:

 .  Gain insights: Understand the challenges and strategies involved in promoting regional music on a global scale.

.   Learn practical skills: Acquire practical skills in music marketing, brand building, and leveraging digital platforms.

 .  Network: Connect with industry professionals, potential collaborators, and like-minded artists.

.   Discover new tools: Explore new tools and platforms to enhance their music careers.

IPRS's participation in the Rongali Music Connect underscores its commitment to supporting creators and fostering creativity. Through the IPRS helpdesk, attendees can receive guidance on copyright issues, music rights management, and the benefits of being an IPRS member. This initiative aims to empower musicians and composers by providing them with the necessary resources to navigate the complexities of the music industry.

The Rongali Assam Festival, recognized as one of India's biggest musical festivals, is not just a celebration but also a preservation of traditional sports, boat races, and the colourful lifestyles of various tribes and communities. It is an immersive experience that brings together traditional and contemporary elements, offering a rich cultural feast for all attendees.

As part of the Rongali Assam Festival, the Rongali Music Connect aims to foster a deeper understanding of the music industry's dynamics in the digital age and to provide musicians with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Join us on 22 June 2024, at the Aideo Cinema Hall, ASFFDC, Panjabari, for a day of enlightening discussions, networking, and celebration of music. Also, meet the IPRS team at the exclusive IPRS Helpdesk at the Rongali Music Connect and Rongali Assam Festival.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an event that promises to elevate Assam's musical heritage to new heights. Let's come together to celebrate and elevate the rich cultural heritage of Assam through the power of music.