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VMate’s ‘Myth Buster’ simplifies WHO-sourced info on COVID-19


MUMBAI:  There are very few contents providing authenticated and detailed information about the dos and don’ts and the safeguards one should adhere to in the wake of the global pandemic COVID-19.

In a bid to overcome these limitations, short video app VMate has launched an official profile on the platform that serves detailed information verified by none other than the World Health Organization (WHO). The profile titled ‘Myth Buster’ answers almost all frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the pandemic and clarifies doubts in the minds of common people. Here we list 10 such questions and their answers that would address most of your queries and issues concerning the impact and spread of the novel virus. Let’s take a look:

1. Can drinking more water help contain the spread of Coronavirus?

According to a social media post, drinking water every 15 minutes will drive any virus in the throat region down to the stomach, where the already present acidic substances will kill them. The fact is that there’s no scientific evidence of any kind of virus getting killed by following this. However, drinking water regularly keeps your body hydrated and that is a good practice.

2. Can Vitamin C supplement save you from COVID-19?

Researchers have not yet found any proof to substantiate this claim that Vitamin C is an effective supplement against Coronavirus.

3. Is consuming silver particles the right prevention against the novel virus?

An American televangelist falsely claimed that colloidal silver, which means silver particles in liquid, can prevent and treat strains of coronavirus in as little as 12 hours and further help in improving immunity. There is no proof to support this claim. As a matter of fact, consuming colloidal silver can damage the kidney and lead to cardiac ailments.

4. Does consuming garlic help prevent novel coronavirus?

Garlic is a good food ingredient, equipped with shielding properties against several diseases. However, there is no scientific proof about whether it is helpful in combating the novel coronavirus.

5. Is consumption of alcohol a safeguard against COVID-19?

Alcohol consumption is no safeguard against coronavirus. In fact, it can turn out to be dangerous. Regular and increased consumption of alcohol can lead to several health-related complications.

6. Do mosquitoes spread coronavirus?

Mosquito bites do not lead to spread of coronavirus. There is no finding or study suggesting that mosquitoes can spread the novel virus.

7. How effective are thermal scanners in detecting corona-infected persons?

Thermal scanners can help identify people who have fever triggered by COVID-19. They fail to detect patients who have coronavirus but do not show the fever symptom. Hence, it is not very effective as usually a person contaminated with the novel virus may not show fever-like symptoms for as long as 10 days.

8. Does taking hot-water bath prevent COVID-19?

No, bathing with hot water is no solution to the coronavirus menace. The body temperature of a normal person varies from 36.5 degree Celsius to 37 degree Celsius, irrespective of the water temperature you are bathing in. Going by the facts, using too hot water for bathing purposes can be harmful to the skin.

9. Does coronavirus not spread in hot and humid weather?

Facts ascertained to date show that COVID-19 can spread in cold as well as hot/humid weather. Irrespective of weather conditions, if you are residing or travelling in a corona-reported vicinity, please ensure that you take all necessary precautions. The best way to remain safe is washing your hands properly and regularly.

10. Can a person recover from coronavirus?

Yes, a person can fully recover from coronavirus. And if some symptoms persist after getting treated, it does not mean that the symptoms would stay with you for life. Most people getting infected with the virus can get rid of it completely. Any symptom must be treated clinically, and if cough, fever, and breathing trouble remains, the need is to consult a doctor immediately.

The profile furnishes the facts in an interesting and interactive format, with clear Hindi text, voice-over narrating the content, and animations. The idea behind it to maximize the reach of the message among the masses and help them understand the technicalities in the simplest possible manner. Users also have the option to share the videos on different social media and instant messaging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

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