Tata Capital unveils new campaign promoting its offerings

Tata Capital unveils new campaign promoting its offerings

The integrated marketing campaign is designed by VISCOMM.

Tata Capital

Mumbai: Tata Capital has unveiled its integrated marketing campaign "Palak jhapkao, loan paao!" to promote its various loan offerings. The campaign has a series of short films themed around the digital, seamless, and quick loans offered by Tata Capital. The campaign went live on 9 November.

Designed by VISCOMM, the integrated marketing campaign will run across television, social media, and other digital media platforms.

The "Palak jhapkao, loan paao!" campaign is based on the insight of today’s fast-paced world, ever-evolving customer needs, and the expectation that these needs be met spontaneously and seamlessly. Customers can quickly obtain personal loans, home loans, business loans, and vehicle loans from Tata Capital, as the name implies. These loans are enabled on all channels and can be accessed in a paperless format in minutes.

In "Palak jhapkao, loan paao!" series of advertisements, each film showcases a humorous situation where the protagonist is faced with a situation which requires a quick solution. Each film portrays how the protagonists’ needs are met within blink of an eye by availing Tata Capital’s quick loans offering a hassle free and seamless experience.

Speaking about the campaign, Tata Capital chief digital and marketing officer Abonty Banerjee said, "Tata Capital’s latest campaign aims to resonate with our customers’ ever-increasing needs for immediate solutions. Quick loans give our customers the opportunity to fulfil their needs for loans simply and swiftly. This campaign reinforces our customers' belief that they can always #CountOnUs to fulfil their aspirations."

Talking about the creative side, VISCOMM director Ritika Grover said, "We live in a time of instant and urgent! The campaign line "Palak Jhapkao, Loan Pao" captures the spirit of quick loans offered by Tata Capital. In the films, the protagonist’s real and urgent needs combined with the play of slow motion versus real-time action is what we hope makes them attention grabbing. Our young team led by director Shachi Malhotra explored techniques to make the films creatively and visually unique."