QYOU Media India launches its direct-to-consumer app Q PLAY

QYOU Media India launches its direct-to-consumer app Q PLAY

Q PLAY offers all five QYOU Media India channels on smart TVs and mobile devices.

QYOU Media

Mumbai: On Tuesday, QYOU Media India announced its first direct-to-consumer app, Q PLAY, to rapidly expand their media business.

The app offers all five QYOU Media India channels, namely The Q, Q Marathi, The Q Kahaniyan, The Q Comedistaan, and Q GAMEX. The best content from social & digital media creators will be available on all channels thanks to QYOU Media India's distinctive programming style. With Q PLAY, unique, fresh, relatable, and exciting content will be found in one app, one destination, with many newer channels set to be added in the future.

The ad-supported download-and-watch app can be downloaded on the Google Play store and directly on smart TVs and mobile devices without any registration hassle.

Commenting on the launch, QYOU Media India chief operating officer Krishna Menon said, "The launch of Q PLAY opens a myriad of new possibilities. It enables us to be independent in addition to relying upon third-party platforms for distribution. The launch of this app will deepen our audience engagement by attempting to fill a need for relatable and entertaining content. We are thrilled to launch Q PLAY into the market. While it will take us time to build and grow our user base, Q PLAY is the tip of the spear around our digital objective to create a growing one-on-one customer relationship around our brand."

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The direct-to-consumer (D2C) model in India is expected to grow exponentially and reach a value of $100 billion by 2025. Much of this is being driven by the mass adoption of social media and the use of influencer marketing as direct conduits to young Indian consumers. QYOU Media India currently reaches over 125 million viewers weekly on Q branded content channels. The company has a goal of driving that number to 200 million in the next three to six months. Q PLAY is designed to begin to leverage that audience scale to employ a direct relationship between the company and its user base. Q PLAY will additionally leverage both the large number of blue-chip advertiser brand relationships enjoyed by the company along with the recently announced data initiative to mine data from all sources of distribution, thus driving stronger monetization via more targeted content and ad campaigns.