Jeev Milkha Singh reflects on golf and life in ‘Duologue with Barun Das’ season two

Jeev Milkha Singh reflects on golf and life in ‘Duologue with Barun Das’ season two

Singh discusses his journey into golf, life lessons from the sport, and the future of Indian golf.

Duologue with Barun Das

Mumbai: The much-anticipated fourth episode of 'Duologue with Barun Das' season two premiered on News9 Live, India's only 24x7 digital English news stream, at 9 pm on 8 June 2024. The episode featured TV9 Network MD and CEO Barun Das in an engaging conversation with India’s most iconic golfer, Jeev Milkha Singh.

In a heartfelt and candid exchange, Jeev Milkha Singh shares that it was his father, the legendary sprinter Milkha Singh, who introduced him to the world of golf. He recounts his early experiences on the golf course fondly, playing alongside his father and other young enthusiasts. He further emphasizes how his father acted both as a source of support and as a prudent advisor, warning him of the risks of taking up a sport professionally.

Discussing the idea of a ‘sporting gene’ in light of the sporting success of both his parents, Jeev attributes his success not to genetics but to a mindset instilled in him from a young age. He recalls how the philosophy of hard work, practice, and belief in oneself was a recurring theme at family dinner table conversations, which played a crucial role in shaping his professional approach.

The duologue enters philosophical territory as Jeev reflects on the nature of golf and its parallels with life itself. “As a professional golfer, you will wake up one day and you will be brilliant that day. And next day, you're playing like a beginner. So it teaches you. Every day is not the same, but whatever is thrown at you, you make the most out of it. You go out and fend for yourself. Handle the situation in the best manner that is thrown at you. And you've got to use your mind. You cannot lose it”, said Jeev.

Here, host and media maverick Barun Das added his own insights gleaned from the golf course. Viewing the game from the perspective of a corporate leader, Das opined that golf taught him that by keeping an eye on the result, he lost one on the process. Elaborating on process vs outcome, he believes that a golfer isn’t hitting a ball, but making a perfect swing with the ball just happening to be in the path of the swing.

The duologue also touches upon the subject of golf in India, and the need for systemic support to nurture talent. Acknowledging the large reservoir of untapped golfing talent in India, Jeev advocates for the creation of more public golf courses and driving ranges to democratise the sport, emphasizing the importance of building an ecosystem that encourages people to play and pursue excellence.

The episode offered viewers a rare glimpse into the personal and professional life of one of India's most celebrated golfers, and his relationship with one of India’s most beloved athletes, exclusively on News9 Live.