iTAP announces strategic partnership with Sabot

iTAP announces strategic partnership with Sabot

The partnership will further enhance content distribution for iTAP.


Mumbai: iTAP, an expanding OTT and gaming platform, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Sabot, an OTT aggregation platform. This collaboration aims to fuel subscriber growth for iTAP by integrating it as part of Sabot. With its extensive network and trusted brand reputation, Sabot will provide iTAP with a wider audience reach and better distribution opportunities, creating a win-win situation for both platforms.

iTAP is an emerging young mass player in the OTT industry, offering a diverse range of content and a captivating gaming experience to its users. By leveraging the Sabot network, iTAP will now be able to extend its reach and connect with a larger audience base. This partnership will not only enhance the distribution of iTAP's content but also offer users a great entertainment experience at value reaching media dark areas as well.

iTAP CMO Haroon Shergill expressed his excitement about the partnership and said, "We are delighted to join forces with Sabot. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to provide a wide array of high-quality content with a smart pricing strategy. Through Sabot's established and extensive consumer base, we are confident that this partnership will drive our subscriber growth to new heights."

Sabot, known for its trusted brand and successful track record, has gained the trust of millions of users across the country. As a trusted partner for multiple OTT platforms, Sabot's expertise in content aggregation and distribution is unmatched. The collaboration between iTAP and Sabot represents a shared vision of offering audiences a plethora of captivating content at competitive prices.

Sabot founder & entrepreneur Atul Saraf shared his enthusiasm and stated, "We are thrilled to welcome iTAP to the Sabot family. By partnering with iTAP, we aim to enhance our content offering and provide our users with a diverse range of entertainment options. Sabot has 16 top OTT platforms with 400 live channels giving their customers diverse content in all languages and in all genres. This partnership brings together two like-minded organisations committed to delivering exceptional value and an unmatched viewing experience to our audiences."

The partnership between iTAP and Sabot is poised to revolutionise content distribution and subscription services in the OTT industry. With a focus on wider audience reach, enhanced distribution, and a commitment to providing quality entertainment, this collaboration sets the stage for mutual growth and success.