Amuz Distribution appoints Carlos Pacheco as director of monetisation & OTT

Amuz Distribution appoints Carlos Pacheco as director of monetisation & OTT

It has acquired the entire Just For Laughs assets, adding over 1,000 new hours of programming.

 Carlos Pacheco

Mumbai: Amuz Distribution's chief revenue officer Alex Avon announced that, through its parent company of ComediHa!, the company acquired the entire catalog from the Just For Laughs Group and hired Carlos Pacheco as director of monetisation & OTT. The Just For Laugh Group assets increase the Amuz Distribution catalog by over 1,000 hours of comedy programming with brands: Juste pour rire, Just For Laughs, the Gags, and their audio-visual catalogue.

Carlos Pacheco comes to Amuz Distribution with over 18 years of international entertainment media experience in content production, distribution, media buying and strategy. He came directly from his role as director of OTT / FAST channel strategy and operations for Just For Laughs where he led the development and execution of the company's OTT and FAST channel strategy, overseeing content programming, distribution, and partnerships. From 2013 to 2018, Pacheco was director of partnerships for Temple Street’s then-recently launched Boat Rocker Studios. He played a pivotal role in the launch of both their online rights management system and launched several successful YouTube channels, including The Next Step and Oh Yum, among others.

Avon stated: “Amuz Distribution is thrilled to expand our catalog with the globally popular Just For Laughs Group programs and we are fortunate to bring on Carlos Pacheco to head up our OTT and Monetization efforts. His experience in the global marketplace and especially as a leader in the OTT space will help us reach the company’s next level. We are looking forward to “keeping the world feeling good” with even more premium programming.”

Pacheco added: “Amuz Distribution has been actively growing its international reach, on a path towards great success and I am excited to be part of the team to help them in this new expansion. From its award-winning programs like About Antoine and Larry, to its feel-good programming mandate, the company is gaining influence and visibility around the world.”