‘Everyone’s Talking Prime’, everywhere, all at once with PivotRoots’ hyperlocal campaign for Prime Video

‘Everyone’s Talking Prime’, everywhere, all at once with PivotRoots’ hyperlocal campaign for Prime Video

The agency drives over 500 unique videos to hyper-target audiences.

Prime Video

Mumbai: Prime Video, India's most popular video streaming service, and its long-term agency partner PivotRoots - a Havas company collaborated to shine a spotlight on the OTT platform's impressive content gallery by creating more than 500 hyperlocal promos using Google’s Ads Creative Studio (previously, Director Mix) for contextual user experiences.

[Director Mix Juhu]

PivotRoots amplified the reach of the campaign through Google’s comprehensive advertising tool that was deployed to conceptualize and produce over 500 custom promos across YouTube and Meta. These hyperlocal promos were tailored to the user's location by incorporating, among other parameters, references to famous local landmarks like Juhu, Bandstand and Carter Road in Mumbai, Jal Mahal in Jaipur, Taj Mahal in Agra, Japanese Garden and Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad and Sion City in Kolkata, to add a personalised touch. For instance, a user targeted in Mumbai’s Bandra would receive a creative referencing ‘Carter Road’ to make it contextually relevant to that user.

The objective was to encourage users to indulge in the captivating world of movies and web shows that everyone is talking about. Elaborating on the relevance of hyperlocal campaigning in the current digital landscape, PivotRoots director - media Jinit Shah said, “Audiences are increasingly seeking personalised experiences. We delivered this with hyperlocal ads to every user who had seen the brand film, hence tying back to the theme of the campaign (Everyone’s Talking Prime), leaving users intrigued and with a sense of delight. “

[Director Mix Bandstand]

PivotRoots chief creative officer Hetal Khalsa emphasized the significance of maintaining a personal connection with the audience, stating, "Often with larger-than-life brand campaigns, the message tends to get lost as it trickles down to a wider audience, making the reach suffer. There was an innate need for a solution that delivered the brand message with utmost recall. The intent was to go as hyperlocal as we can with our custom brand messaging, targeting cities and towns across all 3 tiers and delivering it with a personal touch to elevate the impact."

[Director Mix Japanese Garden]

Banner Ads

To augment the campaign's reach, dynamic banner ads were strategically placed across multiple sites. These ads were tailored to the time of day and adapted to the specific day of the week, ensuring a customised brand communication approach across various channels.

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Prime Video's 'Everyone's Talking Prime' campaign marks a milestone in the streaming industry, setting new standards for engaging and hyperlocal brand communication. With its innovative use of technology and strategic partnerships with PivotRoots, Prime Video continues to solidify its position as the go-to platform for premium entertainment.