Pocket FM's 'Insta Empire' becomes fifth Rs 100 crore audio blockbuster of the year

Pocket FM's 'Insta Empire' becomes fifth Rs 100 crore audio blockbuster of the year

Occasion to be celebrated with a special promo for the audience.

Insta Empire

Mumbai: Audio series platform Pocket FM has announced its blockbuster audio series, 'Insta Empire,' entering into the coveted Rs 100 crore club.  This achievement marks Pocket FM’s fifth audio blockbuster to reach this milestone in this year after Insta Millionaire, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To (Saving Nora), The Return and The Billionaire Accidental Wife. The platform currently has almost 20 more audio series that turned into million-dollar titles. The audio series has already garnered over 250 million plays worldwide, and is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Pocket FM head- India Suyog Gothi said “Pocket FM is revolutionizing audio content consumption by ushering in a new era of blockbuster entertainment. Through the seamless fusion of storytelling and immersive experiences, we remain committed to continuously delivering unheard and untold stories to our audiences. We are immensely proud of our blockbuster engine that is turning audio series into blockbusters regularly, for the first time in the history of entertainment. Our journey has just started as we await more such celebrations.”

Marking the success of its fifth Rs 100 crore blockbuster, the company has launched a special video promo for the audience. It features celebrated actors and social media influencers Nishant Malkaani and Nyrraa M Banerji as the protagonists of the series.

Insta Empire tells the story of Naksh (played by Nishant), who lives as the poor son-in-law of a rich Indian family. Despite enduring insults and mistreatment from his in-laws due to his poverty, Naksh deeply loves his wife Anika (played by Nayra). Their relationship strains when Anika decides to leave him for a wealthier man. However, Naksh has a hidden secret: he is actually the heir to Surat's richest family but was rejected and cast out after a risky decision. A twist of fate reveals his true identity, transforming him into an overnight billionaire and the owner of an Insta Empire.

Nishant Malkaani, essaying the role of Naksh, said, “Portraying Naksh in 'Insta Empire' was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the highs of ambition to the lows of betrayal, it was a journey that challenged me as an actor. The experience of shooting has been incredible, and as a team, we've worked really hard to bring this story to life. Our audience will truly enjoy the final creation. Working with an audio series platform like Pocket FM has been unique, offering a new and innovative way for us as artists to connect with listeners. It's fascinating how different mediums of entertainment continue to evolve, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting shift towards immersive audio storytelling.”

Nyrraa M Banerji, essaying the role of Anika, said, “Playing Anika in 'Insta Empire' was rewarding as it explored the complexities of a character torn between loyalty and love. Working on the promo has been a creatively fulfilling endeavor. It's inspiring to see how platforms like Pocket FM are pushing the boundaries of storytelling, offering audiences immersive experiences beyond traditional mediums and it seamlessly enables individuals to multitask. As an artist, embracing these diverse avenues of expression is truly refreshing.”