Nuvoretail wins Amazon Advisors Marathon 2024

Nuvoretail wins Amazon Advisors Marathon 2024

This underscores Nuvoretail's exceptional expertise in e-commerce advertising.


Mumbai: Delhi-based Nuvoretail, renowned for its pioneering work in eCommerce marketing, has been awarded the prestigious Amazon Advisors Marathon gold winner title for the second consecutive year (2022-23 2023 -24). This significant achievement underscores Nuvoretail's exceptional expertise in e-commerce advertising, firmly establishing its position as a leading digital commerce specialist.

The Amazon Advisors Marathon, hosted annually by Amazon Ads, is a competitive event where top Amazon Ad partner agencies showcase their expertise across various categories. These categories include Expertise, where agencies submit case studies demonstrating how they helped brands grow on Amazon; Thought Leadership, where participants demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of Amazon Ads on platforms like LinkedIn; Teamwork & Development, where agencies focus on upskilling their teams through Amazon Ads certifications; and Client Acquisition, where participants identify and engage potential new clients for Amazon Ads services.

Throughout the 90-day marathon, participants earn points for completing these activities. Nuvoretail's hard work stood out, securing 1st place in January, 3rd place in February, 1st place in March, and ultimately, 1st place overall! This remarkable achievement is a testament to the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of the entire Nuvoretail team.

Winning the Amazon Advisors Marathon for the second year in a row highlights Nuvoretail’s commitment to excellence and innovation in Amazon Advertising. This rigorous three-month challenge tests participants' proficiency in various aspects of Amazon advertising, from conducting internal training sessions and obtaining Amazon Ads certifications to sharing valuable insights on LinkedIn and collaborating on publishing case studies.

Nuvoretail founder & CEO Vishal Sharma expressed his pride in the team’s consistent performance, stating, "Winning this award for the second time in a row is a true reflection of our team's dedication and expertise. It highlights our unwavering commitment to helping brands succeed on Amazon and our deep understanding of the Amazon advertising landscape. At Nuvoretail, we believe in empowering brands to achieve their full potential."

This award holds great significance for both Nuvoretail and its clients. For Nuvoretail, it validates their innovative approach to combining AI-powered data insights with a highly skilled team of e-commerce professionals. For their clients, it translates into enhanced e-commerce success across various platforms and regions. Nuvoretail's advanced partner status with Amazon and the recognition of Vishal Sharma as a select member of the Amazon advisors program further cement their authority in the field.

Nuvoretail has consistently demonstrated their ability to drive significant growth for brands on Amazon. One notable example is a partnership with a prominent power tools brand in India that faced sales saturation and increasing advertising cost of sales (ACOS). Through a strategic and data-driven approach, Nuvoretail managed to achieve the highest sales in the brand's history within 60 days, accompanied by a single-digit ACOS of 5.84 per cent. They recorded a 128 per cent sales growth while reducing ACOS by over 45 per cent from its original double-digit figure of 10.67 per cent. This achievement underscores the power of innovative solutions and data-driven strategies in transforming brand performance and driving sustainable growth.