“The Indian e-commerce landscape has undergone a phenomenal shift since Boldfit's inception”: Pallav Bihani

“The Indian e-commerce landscape has undergone a phenomenal shift since Boldfit's inception”: Pallav Bihani

His childhood years involved education and fun with friends in a world minus tech and complexities.


Mumbai: Boldfit, a leading name in health and fitness apparel, equipment, and supplements, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Blinkit, India’s premier quick commerce platform. This collaboration ensures that Boldfit’s premium products are now accessible for rapid 10-minute delivery across many cities in India, revolutionising the way fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers access their essential products.

25-year-old Pallav Bihani is the founder & CEO at Boldfit. Bihani was born and brought up in the city of Bengaluru. His childhood years involved education and fun with friends in a world minus tech and complexities. He attended the prestigious Bishop Cotton Boys School in Bangalore, where he was groomed by some of the most amazing teachers and principals, which shaped his personality and helped him become the humble-yet-extremely confident person he is today.

Even though he was never an extraordinary achiever or topper in school, it did not stop Pallav from being an ambitious guy who had a keen interest in entrepreneurship. So, from a young age he would write and sell music CDs and video games to his classmates and neighbours. Also, computers, tech &gadgets, etc. used to fascinate him; people would often call him to fix their computers and home gadgets and he would do a great job at it. Thus he had his early-age hands-on experience in the world of computers and tech, but little did he know back then that several years later, he would use the knowledge of technology and digital to sell his (company’s) products through the internet!

Indiantelevision.com caught up with Bihani where he shares more on his journey, key lessons during hardships, marketing strategies and more...

Edited excerpts

On your early days in Bangalore and your upbringing shaping your entrepreneurial spirit

I have been a cricket fanatic since childhood. Growing up, I followed the sport and played it too. But right before my board exams, I suffered a slip disc. Which was a defining moment, in me getting serious about fitness. I hit the gym like no other, immersed myself with the community, gaining knowledge about products, supplements and everything around it. It’s here that I identified a massive opportunity to build a brand that matched expectations for fitness enthusiasts across the country. Quality products with a significant value and price advantage. And thus began my journey with Boldfit in December, 2018.

On the key lessons you learned from your stint in the family business at Sasvat Group, and how did they prepare you for launching Boldfit

Family businesses emphasise building strong relationships. This skill is crucial in the startup world, and at Boldfit it helped secure partnerships, recruit talent, and build a strong community. The learnings provided a strong foundation for launching Boldfit. They allowed me to navigate the market strategically, build a strong network, and make sound financial decisions.

On managing the diverse responsibilitiesat Boldfit

Boldfit started with 5 employees. Delivering products that maximised value for fitness enthusiasts across the country. Five years hence, we’re now a team of over 50 across various verticals, each bringing in their area of expertise to the overall business. We have people who have worked on some of the largest e-commerce platforms & major sports brands, helping build Boldfit into a fitness and sports major in India.

On describing your approach to product development and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of Boldfit's products

The idea is to consistently create products for sports enthusiasts and athletes alike, which provide an incremental advantage with superior fabric, technology, functionality and design. Our product design philosophy is backed by serious research and testing, which helps solve problems for the average fitness enthusiast. From moisture management to odour-free mechanisms, durable build to convenience, our range of accessories & apparel are designed to help the community push boundaries on the daily.

On marketing strategies have been most effective for Boldfit in gaining and retaining customers

We leverage social media platforms to build a strong community within the fitness universe. It allows us to understand our audience's needs and tailor our offerings accordingly. Utilising a mix of organic and paid social media campaigns, along with tactical influencer marketing, we’ve been instrumental in reaching new audiences while delighting our existing. We're constantly innovating and identifying channels and trends to stay ahead of the curve. This includes staying updated on the latest around all things fitness, and tailoring our content accordingly. Our focus remains on building a loyal customer base through exceptional service, a strong identity, and a commitment to delivering on experience.

On the Indian e-commerce landscape changing since you started Boldfit

The Indian e-commerce landscape has undergone a phenomenal shift since Boldfit's inception. The growth of internet penetration, particularly on mobile phones, has been a game-changer. This accessibility opened doors for new e-commerce categories like fitness and wellness, perfectly aligning with Boldfit's mission. The emergence of faster and more affordable delivery options has revolutionised online shopping. Our recent partnership with Blinkit, delivering our products within 10 minutes, is a testament to this evolution. This convenience is essential for Boldfit, ensuring customers receive fitness products quickly and efficiently. The growing focus on digital payments like UPI has streamlined online transactions, making it easier for customers to purchase Boldfit products and services.

Boldfit is well-positioned to capitalise on these trends by leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and offer innovative fitness solutions through its e-commerce platforms.